Baltimore Roof Trust

The Baltimore Roof Trust 2019

Who We Are

Four Twelve is a local roofing company based out of Baltimore City. It was founded by Shea Frederick and Sam Frank, two Baltimore City residents who quit their desk jobs to pursue careers in construction. The name ‘Four Twelve’ is derived from the first row-home the company ever worked on and pays homage to their roots in the Baltimore City neighborhood of Greenmount West, where it all began.

Our Mission

Four Twelve has always been about more than just construction projects. Through collaborative projects, Four Twelve has been able to strengthen its ties within the community. Creating tangible changes in the lives of those we work for is important to the entire team at Four Twelve. For us, the Baltimore Roof Trust is an opportunity to create a lasting positive impact in Baltimore City.  Our growth as a company could not have happened without a deep connection to our local community in Baltimore.

What is the Baltimore Roof Trust

The Baltimore Roof Trust is a project designed to give back to Baltimore City by selecting an annual candidate to receive a free roof replacement. It is emulated off of the successful program called the Every Shingle Heart Initiative, created by Reliant Roofing, a Jacksonville Florida-based roofing company. Following our 2019 project, we will open an online nomination system so that individuals across Baltimore can nominate candidates to receive the services of the Baltimore Roof Trust in 2020 and beyond. Four Twelve has had the ability to grow and flourish, thanks to the support from our clients throughout Baltimore, and through the Baltimore Roof Trust, we’re able to show our appreciation by giving back to Baltimore City.

This Year’s Baltimore Roof Trust Recipient

The 2019 Baltimore Roof Trust recipient is the Johnson family of the Greenmount West Neighborhood, the neighborhood where Four Twelve started its business. The Johnson family was selected by the Greenmount West Community Association and Jubilee Baltimore as the initial recipient of the Roof Trust.

The homeowner, Andrew Johnson, inherited his home in Greenmount West from his mother and has lived in the neighborhood for over 40 years. Andrew is an Airforce Veteran and spent over a decade as a DC Firefighter. During his time as a firefighter, he experienced an injury which makes it difficult for him to go up on his own roof to provide necessary repairs. He lives in the house with his older and younger brothers. The Johnson family is very connected to their neighborhood in Greenmount West. His oldest brother spends his time as a retiree helping neighbors with lawn care. Their deep ties to the community is a great example of how resilient and connected the residents of Baltimore City are. 

The Roof Replacement

Andrew Johnson first learned about the Baltimore Roof Trust through his neighbor. Subsequently, Four Twelve came out to Andrew’s property to assess his roof and determined that he was in need of a roof replacement to protect and preserve his home. The project work took place from November 11th-13th and was completed in time for the holidays. All materials related to the roof replacement were donated by ABC Supply and Mule-Hide Products. 

Andrew notes the way the Roof Trust could help set an example for other businesses across Baltimore to evaluate their success and see what they can do to give back to the communities that allow businesses to flourish. Andrew describes the sense of relief delivered to him by having a new roof that he and his family won’t have to worry about for years to come. This is what the Roof Trust is all about. 

The Future of the Baltimore Roof Trust

The Baltimore Roof Trust, as a project, is about using our resources as a Baltimore based company to give back. This initial 2019 project is only the beginning of what we hope will be a long and plentiful experience of providing free roofs to those in need across the city.

For 2020, we will be accepting nominations for candidates who you believe should receive the services of the Roof Trust. We can’t wait to hear more stories from the incredible residents of Baltimore, and collaborate with the community to select a candidate for the year. 

With a commitment to donate at least one roof replacement per year, Four Twelve hopes the Baltimore Roof Trust can impact many lives over the course of its time. We hope you’ll join us on this journey and that it inspires you to help give back to this incredible city however you can.

Baltimore Four Twelve Roofing

Four Twelve Ranked Among the Best Roofing Contractors in Baltimore

As a company, Four Twelve’s dedication to quality Columbia roofing work and customer service have been pillars of everything we do. For this reason, we’re incredibly grateful and excited to be recognized among the best roofers in Baltimore, and across Maryland! These achievements were made possible by glowing feedback from our wonderful clients, and inspire us to continue putting forward our best effort in everything we do.

Maryland’s Top Rated Local List

Office Administrator Vicky displaying award recognizing Four Twelve among the best roofing contractors in Baltimore.
Our Office Administrator Vicky displaying the award from Maryland’s Top Rated local.

The first accolade comes courtesy of Top-Rated Local, a site that focuses on finding the best local business across the country so you can shop different services with ease and confidence. To decide this, Top Rated Local assess each company’s reviews in their business category to discern who stands out amongst the pack. Top Rated Local noted Four Twelve’s significant number of 5-star reviews, landing us on the top ten list of best roofing contractors in Baltimore. This reputation has been nurtured thanks to our dedication to meeting our customers needs and understanding that each roofing project is unique. Applying a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t work. Instead, Four Twelve helps simplify the roofing process for our clients from start to finish. This approach begins form the moment a client calls the Four Twelve office with their roofing questions. Our Office Manager Vicky and Production Coordinator Cianna love helping clients sort through their roofing needs, treating each individual with care and kindness. By establishing this baseline of thoughtful communication, we’re better able to meet a client’s needs down the road. Vicky spoke with Top Rated Local to discuss the mentality of Four Twelve that inspires confidence from clients. She summed it up greatly, explaining that Four Twelve “makes roofing easier.” She also explores how our strong reputation can be credited to our communication with clients throughout the roofing process, from consultation to finished product and beyond.

Three Best Rated’s Best Roofing Contractors in Baltimore

Four Twelve work truck with "making roofing easier" tagline.
A Four Twelve work truck on a job site. We make roofing easier, which has made us among the best roofing contractors in Baltimore.

Next, we were recognized among the top three roofing contractors in Baltimore by the website Three Best Rated. To come to its conclusions, Three Best Rated uses an extensive 50-Point Inspection system to determine which local businesses are the best. This inspection looks at a company’s services, awards, and reviews among many others to see which companies have the most to offer clients. When all of this was tallied up, Four Twelve was delighted to stand out amongst the best roofing contractors in Baltimore. We’re able to reach these heights thanks to the tireless dedication of our roofers, who approach each new roofing challenge with the desire to build the best end product. Our team is able to accomplish this through experience and know-how. Few things are more detrimental to your roof than contractors who apply improper solutions to problems. Our expert project managers ensure that the entire process runs like a well oiled machine. Couple this with our commitment to using only the best roofing products, and a roof supplied by Four Twelve is a roof that will last.

Let Four Twelve Go To Work For You

We are honored to have received this recognition as one of the best roofing contractors in Baltimore! Above all, we’d like to thank our clients who have provided us with feedback that allows us to continue to grow and achieve. If you’re in need of roofing services in Baltimore and across central Maryland, don’t hesitate to contact Four Twelve today.

Roof Replacement

Four Twelve Case Study: Everlast Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

In May of 2019, Four Twelve was hired to perform a roof replacement for a new client. He was in need of a custom standing seam metal roof installed on a home. Four Twelve worked with the client to build a unique roof for their home that gave them everything they were hoping for their Roofing Columbia MD service. For this roof installation, Four Twelve decided to use Everlast metals as the manufacturer, given their long-lasting roofing products and the overall quality that our client desired. The end result would be a durable Everlast standing seam metal roof.

Four Twelve roofers install a standing seam metal roof.
Four Twelve employees hard at work installing a new standing seam metal roof.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Challenges

In order to complete this project, Four Twelve undertook an extensive planning process — getting the exact measurements, speccing out the specific type of standing seam system, and working with the manufacturer to ensure all the details were correct before the ordering process. Standing seam metal roofs require a heightened level of detail that is crucial for a successful project. The panels must be cut and ordered to specific lengths, fasteners for joining the panels must be custom as well. With all these delicate moving parts, having talented technicians onsite to execute the installation is also a vital piece to the puzzle.

A standing seam metal roof with different length panels
Each piece of a standing seam metal roof is unique and must be custom cut and ordered.
Standing seam metal roof from above.
Standing seam metal roofs require attention to detail to ensure each piece aligns with the others.

One detail that is important when installing standing seam metal roofs is to use an underlayment that sufficiently protects your home. Specifically, for these types of projects, Four Twelve recommends using Ice and Water Shield to cover the roof sheeting. In the event of water intrusion, this underlayment system sufficiently protects our client’s homes and is a product that we can stand behind. Having this additional layer of protection helps ensure that your new Everlast standing seam metal roof has durability and longevity. 

Exterior of home showing new standing seam metal roof.
A new, shiny standing seam metal roof!

Four Twelve Creates Solutions

This project took place in Baltimore County, where Four Twelve has a strong client base. However, more and more we’re seeing a need for standing seam metal roofs across Baltimore City, Columbia, and all over central Maryland. Four Twelve is excited to meet the unique challenges these roofs provide with quality contracting to ensure every piece fits precisely right and is built to last. Everlast metals help us meet our dedication to delivering a fantastic end product to you, and we look forward to continuing expanding our project list of standing seam metal roofs all across Baltimore, Columbia, and the surrounding areas.

If you have a metal roofing project and want quality contractors to complete your project, let us build your next metal roof. Contact us today for a consultation, or even just a friendly chat with any questions you may have. 



Roof Repair

Tips for Preventing a Leaky Roof

Have a leaky roof? Nothing is worse than having water running into your home. With kids and family under our roofs, we have to invest in and preserve the shield that defends us from the weather outside. If you have experienced water coming into your home, you know how horrible and frustrating this experience can be. Preventing a leaky roof requires expertise to diagnose where the problem originates. Our company is dedicated to helping our clients through these tough times, by fixing roofs or providing guidance on how to avoid and prevent these situations before they occur.. Below is Four Twelve’s guide on how to avoid the unfortunate homeowner’s dilemma — the pesky, leaky roof.  

Have Your Roof Installed Correctly The First Time

If you have roof issues like leakage, likely it’s because your roof is either at the end of its life, or it was never installed properly in the first place. The best way method of preventing a leaky roof is to hire a reputable contractor that does it right the first time around. We have seen roofs all throughout the Greater Baltimore Metro Area that have been repaired, coated, patched. We have seen roofs that have decks on them, and additions installed next door. In all these situations, there are technical details related to the installation that is vitally important to ensure your roof is long-lasting and prevents water from entering your home. This is where working with a quality team that employs quality technicians can make all the difference. Why invest at half-price multiple times to end up with a roof that still doesn’t function properly, when you can make the decision to have it done the right way on your first go?

No matter what repairs you endeavor, if your roof was installed improperly, sometimes it simply cannot be fixed without a full replacement. We have clients that come to us asking for the cheap and quick fix, and sometimes we are able to make it happen. However, sometimes that money is better utilized saving up for a roof replacement.

If You Have A New Roof That Is Installed Correctly, Get It Inspected Every Few Years

Like any investment, whether it be a car, a boat, or a new kitchen — a new roof requires maintenance. To assume that you can set it and forget it may work for a couple of years, but over the lifetime of your roof, or any investment, a little bit of maintenance throughout the years will lead to a more successful lifetime performance when all is said and done. Not only will this help in preventing a leaky roof, but also ensure the structural integrity of the roof over its lifespan.  

With flat roofs, tune-ups can involve a number of different scopes of work. Some of the things we see are failing seams, cracking membranes, lifting sheet metal, and clogged or misaligned gutters and downspouts. For all these issues, a simple investment every couple of years (two to three) can fix or remedy all of these things. For failing seams and lifting sheet metal, using adhesives and heat-applied maintenance can preserve the life of your roof. Cracking membranes can often be remedied with coatings applied overtop of your roof system. And gutters and downspouts should be cleaned regularly (2x per year), particularly if your roof has a tree nearby.

For shingle roofs, tune-ups vary but are not dissimilar from flat roofs. Common issues include loose shingles, deteriorating caulk around penetrations, leaky flashing, nail pops, failing adhesives and gutter and downspout maintenance. All of these things are repairable through quick tune-ups. Sometimes, pipe boots and flashing need to be replaced. Sometimes, roofs will need small sections of shingles replaced. And sometimes things will just need to be re-caulked. Similarly to flat roofs, gutter and downspout maintenance is vital to the performance of your roof system, especially if your property is in close contact with trees and debris.

Quick Patches

We always advise homeowners NOT to make repairs themselves. If you use certain products or install repair products incorrectly, you can void the warranty on your existing roof, or create a problem that can only be remedied with a roof replacement. For instance, we have seen homeowners install Flexseal, Henry’s Patching, and coating products to their detriment. Often times, roofing contractors cannot perform additional roofing work overtop of these products if a homeowner decides to take things into their own hands.

If you need a quick patch, most roofing contractors offer hourly service work to remedy small situations. Reputable roofing contractors should carry insurance, workers comp, plus a full complement of tools, ladders, and team members with ample experience remedying these types of situations. With high heights, and a high degree of risk, packaged with one of your home’s most valuable investments, investing in quality roofing contractor services is certainly the safest and most affordable option when weighing into consideration everything involved.

Leaky Roof? Contact Four Twelve

Four Twelve understands how these features make can make or break a good roofing company, and by implementing all of them we’ve quickly built up our reputation across the Baltimore area. Don’t suffer through leaks into your home because of an improperly installed or damage room. Let Four Twelve do it the right way the first time, and help you maintain the longevity of your roof. Contact us today to schedule a check up on the health of your roof.

Four Twelve Roofing

Replacing Your Shingle Roof In Baltimore: A Complete Guide

Live in Baltimore? Thinking about replacing your shingle roof? You’ve come to the right place. As one of Baltimore’s premier roofing companies, we want to take some time to explain to folks in the Baltimore metro area about some considerations when doing a roof replacement on your shingle roof. We hope that this guide can help steer you in the right direction. Let us help educate you so you can get a roof that lasts as long as you live in your house and through when you sell it at the end of its life.

25 Year Shingles vs. 50 Year Shingles: Which Do We Recommend?

When purchasing a new shingle roof, one of the first questions is whether you want a 25-year roof or a 50-year roof. Our advice to conflicted perspective buyers is that a 50-year roof makes all the more sense and that in today’s market should be your only consideration.

Often times, decisions come down to price. In this instance, the incremental price of a 50-year roof vs a 25-year roof is so nominal that we advise our clients that a 25-year roof is not even worth consideration. Often times, the price difference is less than 5% more for a roof that lasts twice as long. In addition, 50-year shingles have numerous other advantages and provide a great, long-lasting value for their price (and for your home.) Some of these include:

  • 130 mph wind rating (vs 60 mph wind rating for 25-year shingles)
  • Code-compliance – Baltimore City and Baltimore County code require shingles with greater than 110 mph wind resistance.
  • Twice the protection: 50-year shingles are laminated on both sides, and stacked two shingles high, providing homeowners much more bang for your buck.
  • Improved R and D has made 50-year shingle installation easier, more durable, and longer-lasting.

All of that taken into consideration, it’s rather clear to us which option is the best combination of price and longevity.

Which Brand of Shingles is Right for Me?

In our opinion, whether you go with a GAF, CertainTeed or Owens Corning shingle, you are getting a quality shingle. At Four Twelve, we prefer to use Owens Corning products because we feel they are the best in the marketplace for a couple of reasons.

Owens Corning invented fiberglass insulation and has been around for nearly 80 years. The biggest feather in their cap is that Owens Corning was the original manufacturer of asphalt shingles, and has consistently had the best Research and Development process around creating superior home improvement materials.

With colors that are more vibrant than any other manufacturer, accessories that are more durable such as kevlar reinforced nailing strips, Owens Corning shingles have become the shingles we confidently offer our clients at Four Twelve. 

Underlayment: Felt vs. Synthetic

When replacing your shingle roof, the first step of the process for contractors is to remove all of the shingles down to the wooden roof deck, at which point we begin to remove the roof system. Underneath the shingles, contractors will install what is called your underlayment.

Underlayments come in two varieties: felt paper and synthetic. Felt paper is an older technique, while synthetic is the newer innovative material. Similar to 25 years vs 50-year shingles, Four Twelve recommends that all of its customers invest in synthetic underlayment instead of felt paper. With a nominal difference in price, synthetic offers a far superior option to felt paper. Felt paper is not much different from standard construction paper you’d use for arts and crafts. It tears easily, and if rained upon, will quickly deteriorate and provide little protection in terms of waterproofing your roof.

Synthetic underlayments have become popular in recent years for a number of reasons: Firstly, if you try to tear them with nails, construction boots, or your hands, it is quite difficult. With fiberglass threading woven into the fabric, synthetic underlayments are extremely durable and resistant. Additionally, synthetic underlayments have a 6-month weather rating, meaning if left exposed to the elements for a significant time, you can ensure that your roof will remain dry.

Investing in synthetic underlayments, no matter the manufacturer is always a forward-thinking roofing option. There are two varieties of synthetic underlayment. One thin option, and one thick option. If you want a bulletproof roof with all the fixings, you can invest in the thicker option, but the thinner option is a fine product as well that will fit the needs of most homeowners. When replacing your shingle roof in Baltimore, it’s important to not overlook details like the underlayment that can be indicators of the long-term durability of your roof. 

Ice and Water Shield: Mandatory for Replacing Your Shingle Roof In Baltimore

Per Baltimore City and County Code passed in more recent years, any shingle roof replacement is required to have Ice and Water Shield installed. Ice and Water Shield is an additional underlayment installed along all of the eaves and valleys of your roof system. It is meant to prevent wind-driven rain and ice dams from creating leaks in your roof system. Ice and Water Shield’s requirement by code makes it a necessary part of your roofing installation, and you should ensure that your roofing contractor is including this when planning your roof replacement project.

Ventilation: Ridge Vents, Eaves Vents, Both?

Part of purchasing a quality roof in today’s economy is investing in ventilation for your roof system. Creating air flow into your attic and air outflow out of your attic allows for a dry attic with a lesser chance for mold or condensation to damage your roof deck, as well as less damage to shingles from heat exposure through the underside of your attic. It also provides energy benefits, as you won’t lose any heating or cooling through a stagnant attic space.

The process for creating proper roof ventilation begins with air inflow. Inflow is achieved in a number of different ways but typically occurs at the eaves near your soffits and gutters. Soffit vents and vinyl soffits with breathing strips are common ways to create in-flow, but also, if you do not have these, you can create in-flow by adding a smart vent during your roof replacement.

Smart vents are breathing strips installed underneath the last row of shingles just above your gutter and allow for air to enter into your attic space while preventing debris, insects, and critters from entering as well.

Ridge vents are the most common way to create air outflow through your attic and have become highly popular during roof installations. During the roof installation process, contractors will take a saw to the ridge plywood, removing roughly two inches of plywood from either side of the peak of your roof along the ridge, and then when roofing back over this vent, contractors will install rigid plastic breathing strips to allow for air to escape. Then, these are covered with specialty shingles to cap their ridge vents. These vents are an essential step in maintaining the longevity of your roof replacement.

Four Twelve Is Here To Help

Replacing your shingle roof in Baltimore is a process that eventually, most homeowners will have to experience to some extent or another. With this guide, Four Twelve hopes we were able to help you have a better grasp on what exactly goes into the process, from materials to methods to the complexity of replacing your shingle roof in Baltimore. As contractors trusted throughout the Baltimore metro area, Four Twelve is here to ensure your roof replacement goes smoothly and effectively.

Contact Four Twelve today to have our detail-oriented team come out for a consultation and diagnosis of your shingle roof. 

The Four Twelve Team

The Women of Four Twelve

The Women of Four Twelve:

The perception of construction businesses is often an image of an industry dominated by men. However, it takes an every-hand-on-deck mentality to keep a quality company running smoothly. The engine of Four Twelve would hardly run at all without the incredibly important roles the women of our company. Today, we’d like to profile two of the women without whom Four Twelve would not be nearly the company it is.

Let’s meet the women of Four Twelve…

Anyone who has contacted us for a roofing estimate or signed a contract with our company for a roof replacement has come in to contact with one or both of our two most valued employees, Vicky  Inzana and Cianna McEver. Young, humble, hardworking, and kind, both these ladies joined Four Twelve in entry level positions and have worked their way up the ranks to take on tremendous responsibility. They have helped us to grow from a ten person company to a company that employs nearly 25 employees every day and completed over 200 roofing projects in 2018 alone. 


Spotlight: Vicky

Women of Four Twelve: Office Administrator Vicky Inzana

Vicky is a Baltimore-native who was born, raised, and currently resides in Dundalk, MD. Vicky attended local Overlea High School. Despite being the youngest child, Vicky has always been the rock of her family. This role has allowed her to bring her skills of a born leader with extremely high emotional intelligence into the professional realm. Upon graduating high school, Vicky took a job with the Chris Cooke Team, one of Baltimore’s largest realtor companies. This job helped her acclimate to the world of business and construction. Over her six years at the Chris Cooke Team, Vicky excelled in troubleshooting IT problems, managing the realty company’s database of listings, and quickly became a confidant of all the professionals she worked with in the office space. She could be found entertaining lunch conversations in her cubicle when people were looking for a respite.

When Four Twelve started its business, we were in search of someone with strong office skills and problem solving abilities whose personality meshed well with the brand we were building. Vicky came highly referred, and after a 30-minute coffee interview, we hired her without reservation, making her the first hire of Four Twelve.

Since joining our company, Vicky has risen to become Four Twelve’s office manager. On a daily basis Vicky processes all of Four Twelve’s billing, and administrative requirements, while continuing to be a confidant for all of our employees – she is the glue that keeps our people together.

Vicky has helped us to optimize our business process in numerous ways, creating an improved customer experience for every who walks through the doors of Four Twelve Roofing.

She is also a dog and pet lover, so if you get her on the phone, animals are a good starting point for conversation!


Spotlight: Cianna

Cianna has lived all over the place throughout her life, but now she finds herself here in Baltimore with Four Twelve. She is an old soul in a young person’s body, with an unparalleled ability to communicate with customers. This is complimented by her consistently glass-is-half-full attitude. Cianna is the first person that greets all of our new customers, and throughout manages their customer service experience as our Coordinator of Production. 

Born and raised in Arizona with stints in Florida and Washington, DC, Cianna found her way into the construction world a few years ago. Four Twelve had partnered with the construction company that employed Cianna at the time, and had interactions with her throughout the project work. Her attitude and work ethic had such a positive impact on us that we asked her to come work for our company as one of our earliest hires.

Since joining Four Twelve, Cianna has taken on the responsibility of scheduling all of our estimates, as well as coordinating all of our construction projects. This amount of work is not a slight task. With ample future clients and active projects, Cianna stays busy but manages to handle it all in a calm and pleasant fashion. And on top of her ability to do it all with a smile, Cianna’s effectiveness and efficiency for doing her job has proven unparalleled. She rarely misses a beat and has been an invaluable piece of the Four Twelve equation since joining the company.

If you ever end of on the phone with Cianna and want a starting point for conversation, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Pokemon go are all fair game!

Four Twelve would not be the company it is today if not for the women of Four Twelve that keep the business humming, day in and day out. Vicky and Cianna are the definition of driven, impactful employees who help define how an upstart business like Four Twelve is able to grow so rapidly. We don’t know where we’d be without them. Here’s to the women of Four Twelve!

If you’re in need of a roof replacement, let Vicky and Cianna help you out with all the information you need about scheduling an estimate. Contact us today.