Baltimore Roof Trust 2020

Last year, we began the journey of the Baltimore Roof Trust. We created this project as a means to give back to the local community that has allowed us to thrive. In 2020, we had the privilege to give three new roofs to deserving recipients in Baltimore. Getting to scale this project up so quickly has been very exciting for the entire Four Twelve team. Today, we wanted to highlight the 2020 recipients and look ahead at the future of the Baltimore Roof Trust.

 What is the Baltimore Roof Trust?

The Baltimore Roof Trust was started by Four Twelve Roofing in 2019. This program allows for members of the Baltimore community to nominate those in need of a new roof on their home or property, free of charge. It is our way of giving back to the Baltimore community and helping provide a safer, more comfortable home for those who are in need. To learn about our 2019 recipient, check out last year’s feature piece. When we started the project, we were only capable of supplying one roof. Since then, our company has grown, and so has the scope of the project, allowing us to provide three recipients with new roofs.

Meet the Recipients

We had the pleasure of receiving several nominations, and we selected those we thought could most benefit from the project.

Family Survivor Network

Our first recipient was the Family Survivor Network. This non-profit provides assistance to those who have had a family member lose their life to violence. They provide material, mental, and emotional support to families across Baltimore. Their non-profit headquarters had an old, damaged roof. Due to the damage, they could not turn on the building’s heat because doing so would create substantial water leaks within the building. Four Twelve provided the Family Survivor Network with a roof so that they could comfortably maintain their operations, and continue the fantastic work they do assisting the Baltimore community.


A Baltimore City native, Gerald spent his life as a hard worker to help provide for his family. However, when he became ill and could no longer work, he needed assistance from his family to help with bills. After receiving so much help, he felt he couldn’t ask his family to help fix his aged roof. Four Twelve was able to provide Gerald with a roof, and help take a financial burden off the plate of him and his family.


Molly inherited her childhood home. However, a damaged roof made it extremely difficult to maintain the house, and her family faced the possibility of losing the home. Four Twelve provided a new roof to help keep the family home with Molly.

The Future of the Baltimore Roof Trust

We’re honored to see how this program has grown and to be able to help those around us. Being able to ramp up capacity of the roofs we can provide in such a short time has been exciting, and we can’t wait to see how the project will grow in the future. Pam Stein, the co-founder of the Family Survivor Network, also noted the potential for the BRT model to be replicated by other businesses across the city who have the ability to provide their specialties and services to those in need, and help bring the Baltimore community closer together as a whole.

If you’d like to nominate a recipient for the 2021 Baltimore Roof Trust, click here.

For all of your roofing needs in Baltimore, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Four Twelve.




Ice Dam Prevention – What You Need to Know

Winter weather can present numerous obstacles to roof maintenance. With snow and freezing rain poised to sweep through the Baltimore area this week, we got some advice from our roofing professionals on steps you can take to help prevent the formation of hazardous ice dams on your roof.

Ice Dams: What They Are and How They Form

The primary concern of freezing rain is that it can create ice dams. Ice dams are ridges of ice that gathers at the edge of your roof. These dams can prevent melting snow and rain from properly draining off the roof. When moisture can’t drain correctly, it creates the potential for mold and mildew to form within your home’s attic. The weight of the ice dam can also lead to damage to your gutters if not relieved in a reasonable amount of time.

What to Do About Ice Dams

Shawn, Project Manager

Shawn from Four Twelve Roofing’s team highlighted that it is crucial to address ice dams quickly, and a key part is to ensure proper ventilation. If your attic is not properly ventilated, it may make it easier for ice dams to form on your roof. If you’re not sure how to access the vents in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to roofing professionals to assist you.

Another step is physically removing the accumulated ice from your gutters. This will help prevent damage to your gutters from occurring, which in the case of ice dams, can happen faster than you think. Safety is the first concern, so if you don’t feel comfortable in your ability to clear your gutters of ice, contact the roofing professionals at Four Twelve today.

Our expert team can help with all the roofing maintenance you need to address problems in your roofing system before they become serious.

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Scope of Work: Framing and Roofing For A Multi Family Home in Baltimore

Apartment Building in Fells Point

Scope of Work: Framing and Roofing

In Spring of 2018, Four Twelve was hired to perform demolition, roofing and framing work on a 6-unit apartment building in Baltimore City’s Historic Fells Point neighborhood. A couple of investors purchased the building, with the intent to turn it into a multi-family investment property and were looking for a house framing contractors. We happened to be able to provide framing contracting services as well as roofing contracting services and were hired for the project.

Here is an image from Day 1, showing the Four Twelve team in the midst of tearing off the original roof of the building. When performing historic restoration in Baltimore, oftentimes you run into hairy projects like this, with layers upon layers of the old roofing membrane, sheet metal, and plank boards dating back to the original construction of the property. Four Twelve’s internal team is experienced in working on large scale projects like this, within old homes of Baltimore City. This led to a safe, quick and effective removal and installation of a new roof on this property to start construction.


As an Owens Corning preferred contractor, Four Twelve is well versed in shingle and flat roof installations. This project had both shingle roofs and flat roofs, which led to the complexity of the installation. Additionally, Four Twelve was asked to install a new plywood deck on top of the original roof plank boards.

For the shingle roof, Four Twelve installed synthetic underlayment and 25 year Estate Gray Supreme Owens Corning shingles. For the flat roof planes, Four Twelve installed 15 year, Owens Corning DeckSeal self-adhering membranes. Below are photos of the roofing installations in progress on this multi-family roofing project. For both roofs across the house, Four Twelve installed historic galvanized, half-round gutters and full-round galvanized downspouts to help the homeowners and investors attain their CHAP, State and Federal Historic Tax Credits through the construction process – something that is very important when renovating in Baltimore City or Baltimore County.


Following the execution of the roofing scope, Four Twelve rolled into the framing portion of the work on this old apartment building. Below is the lumber package arriving on Day 1. We would have walked it down from the lumber supply house – but we’d rather save our energy for the actual building of the house!


Four Twelve provided turnkey assistance to the investors and owners of the property – ordering the lumber package and performing a turnkey installation. Constructing everything from stud walls, ceilings and floors – to setting staircases, hand-railings, windows and exterior doors, as well as returning at the end of the project to install bulkheads for HVAC systems and ensure that the building was ready for drywall, through adding additional framing blocking for other contractor to use during their installations. At Four Twelve, this is something we pride ourselves on – offering a service that takes you from Day 1 of your journey (whether it is framing or roofing) and delivering you to the end, without hassle of ordering labor or material – but letting our crews take care of the installation and insuring it is done accurately and quickly.

To execute the framing on this ~5,000 square foot project, it took our team 2-3 weeks.


This was a great project for the company. We like tackling larger restoration projects, with interesting design elements, that positively impact our community. As Baltimore City locals, Shea and Sam (Four Twelve’s owners), particularly enjoyed playing a role in seeing this project come to life. The owners experimented with an interesting design – from cathedral ceilings and collar ties, to flat framed walls to gain more space in order to work within the confines of the Baltimore rowhome (not an easy framing project, but one that we are accustomed to).

Below is a photo of Four Twelve’s framing team, installing the cathedral ceilings requested by the property owners for the top floor bedrooms of the apartment building – a feature that added some great character to the design and ultimately yielded a great end-product.

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