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“What is the estimate process at Four Twelve Roofing?”

When our sales reps come to your home, what should you expect?

Today we’re digging into this. Everything you need to know about our
estimates and site inspections, which have made our company best-in-class
in the Baltimore Metro Area for residential roofing.


1. Creating a Lasting Solution

When we visit a client’s home, we inspect the whole roof system, free of charge. We want to ensure that every client walks away, feeling educated about their roof system. With a comprehensive plan on how to repair and maintain their roof, for the lowest cost, over the lifetime of homeownership. As a part of this commitment, we inspect gutters, drip edge, penetrations and other roof faces – on top of the areas that are proving immediately problematic.

2. Getting on the Roof

We get on the roof, every single time.

Call us old-fashioned, but there is no substitute for walking a roof and having an expert inspect it with their own two eyes, whether it is pitched or flat roofing. Part of this process is taking photos and videos, to illustrate roof performance, and sharing these with our clients. Drones and satellite photographs are great for measuring, but when it comes to figuring out the true story – we prefer having one of our pros walk your roof.

3. Photos and Videos

How many people have ever been on their roof?
The answer is .. not that many.

For this reason, at every roof inspection we take up to 20-30 photos and videos to best document the state of your roof. We want to show you what it looks like from afar, up close, all the geographical features (chimneys, skylights, vent pipes, you name it!) Our goal is to impart upon you all of our expertise and apply it to diagnosing every facet of your roof, so that we can figure out a maintenance plan together. And when we’re done, we can share these photos with our clients upon request.

4. Same Day Estimates

After getting off your roof, our sales reps go to their mobile office and put together a proposal. We never leave a job site without putting paper in our clients’ hands. Contractors are notorious for being slow to respond. We don’t want to be like the rest – we are determined to provide something better – and part of that is giving you a price the day we visit your home.

5. Pricing Options To Suit Your Needs

Roofing is not black or white, it is shades of gray. What we mean, is that you always have options, when it comes to repairs or maintenance on your roof. At Baltimore Roofing Company, we put together options that help your wallet and options that deliver the best quality product available. For every client, we have a solution for you.

6. Respectfulness and Cleanliness When In Your Home

When one of our team members enters your home, it is company policy to wear protective shoe coverings. We may have to step on toys and blankets to get a look around, and we want to keep our construction life separate from your home life. Also, we are grateful for every one of our clients’ business. You will never be pressured into buying product the day we come to your home. No exploding offers. No same day discounts. We want to help. And part of that is creating a roofing solution that is going to last you the life of your home. Check What Others Are Saying About Our Services!


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Baltimore HeatMap

UPDATED HEAT MAP (SPRING 2018) | Four Twelve Roofing

In Winter of 2018, we put together our first Heat Map – showing all of our ongoing and recently completed projects.

With this business, things are evolving and growing quickly, so 3 months later – here is an updated Heat Map – a snapshot of all the projects Four Twelve Roofing has taken on across Baltimore this Spring. We have included our custom home project as well as those for roofing in Baltimore as well.

a map of baltimore, md


To provide some additional insight, below we have provided some color commentary regarding the blue dots you see above:


We are now doing business as Four Twelve Roofing – having hired additional sales, marketing and production staff to take on new projects. Since last month’s wind storm, Four Twelve Roofing has taken on a number of leads and performed nearly a dozen roof replacements in Baltimore County and Baltimore City. Below is a photo of a roof replacement job in the Remington neighborhood of Baltimore City.

photo Roofing Contractor Baltimore


Four Twelve has been working for the past month with a group of young investors in Fells Point on a renovation of an 8-Unit apartment building near Patterson Park. For this job, we have already performed the roofing and the framing portions of the project. We will also be performing additional trades up through paint and drywall. Below are some before and after photos of the roof work that took place.Image of before and after of the Roof


Another exciting project to spotlight was a 3rd story addition we built for a young family on the Northeast side of Patterson Park. For this project we framed the addition off the existing 2nd story roof and then performed the roofing and siding work. Below are some in-progress photos of this project.

picture of expert roofing contractor in Baltimore

If you or anyone you know has projects on the horizon, in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, or in the surrounding areas we would love if you thought of us. Check What Others Are Saying About Our Services!

Feel free to visit our website and submit a contact form. Whether you need roofing, gutter, skylight and other essential property renovation services,  you may contact us at (410) 989-7343. You may also visit us at 10 E North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218 for a personal consultation!

We’ll be happy to come visit your home and see if we can be of any assistance 🙂

Baltimore Insurance Claims Roofing


Two weeks ago, a wind storm hit Baltimore. When storms come to town, there is damage to real estate. And no place gets hit harder than your roofing in Baltimore, MD.

If your roof is missing shingles, or you see roof material that has blown down onto the sidewalk, you have a valid claim for a roof replacement. Every property owner should know this.

As a Roofing Contractor, part of our job is to understand the insurance process, and to help our clients navigate this process. For this reason, Four Twelve put together The Property Owner’s Guide to Navigating a Roof Insurance Claim. Homeowners and business owners alike – if you own real estate – this guide is a must read.


image of four twelve roofing helping the community Baltimore

We Are Your Expert Roofing Partner Here in Baltimore County


Roof Replacements can range in cost from $5,000 – $40,000+ for homeowners in Baltimore City and Baltimore County. So if you see damage to your roof structure, it is in your best interest to file a claim. You may be able to get your insurance to pay for a new roof, as opposed to paying the full cost, out of pocket 5 years from now.


Across our community, there is some confusion about Step 2. Insurance providers and homeowners’ natural inclination is to shop around for the best price from contractors. When doing your kitchen or bath, yes – this makes sense. But let us shake some new knowledge into your head. Insurance claims are a different game. When it comes to Roof Insurance Claims – Price DOES NOT matter.

As a homeowner, you want to know 2 things when hiring a contractor for an insurance claim:
1) Have they done any insurance claim work (ask them for examples, references)?
2) Can they commit to replacing your roof, for the cost of your deductible? If they say yes, get this in writing and sign a contract with them to represent you through the process. If you’d like a sample contract, reach out to Four Twelve and we can share with you our template.

No matter where prices fall out, know that you as the homeowner have the final say – in that you tell your insurance company who you’ll be working with. And for this reason, you should be focused on finding a contractor who does quality work, has experience working with insurance and who can commit to replacing your roof for the cost of your deductible.

Insurance fraud is common in the world of storms and roofing. Any roofing companies who tell you that they can lower their deductible or pay you back your deductible, is committing fraud. If you engage in this, you could be liable and exposed to criminal charges, even if you did so unknowingly. So be careful.


Contact your insurance company and open up a claim for storm related damages. Tell them you would like an adjuster to come out to the site and create an estimate for repairs. If you are signed on with a contractor, they should be able to handle this process for you.

At this point, you should have selected a contractor, based on the criteria above (roof replacement for the cost of my deductible). You will want to know from the adjuster, when they will be coming to your house to create the estimate. It can be helpful in expediting the process, to have your contractor meet the adjuster on site for their 1st meeting. The adjuster’s estimate for damages will be incredibly low compared to the actual cost of the work. This is where your contractor can help tremendously, in negotiating with the adjuster on your behalf. This negotiation can go on for a long time, but if your contractor is present at the 1st meeting it can speed things along.


As I mentioned above, your adjuster’s estimate will be a lowball offer. They will either exclude items or put low dollar values on replacement costs. Never accept the 1st offer from an adjuster. Their 1st offer is not the final take it or leave it price, ever.

When the adjuster’s estimate comes in your email, your contractor should negotiate on your behalf. Their goal is to get enough money to repair your property, in a quality fashion, while only having you as the homeowner on the hook for your deductible. If you are paying out of pocket on top of your deductible – your contractor is not doing their job.

The adjuster will prepare their estimate through a software program called Xactimate. This is the universal software program for insurance claims. You want a contractor who works in Xactimate as well. This way the insurance company has no excuses. An “apples to apples” comparison is what the insurance company will look for in determining whether a contractor’s claim is legitimate and professional.


After the negotiation between your contractor and your insurance provider, you should sit down with your contractor and clarify the final scope of work. The contractor may have gotten certain damages funded and certain damages not funded. Based on the money they received, they should have a good idea of what is being replaced and what cannot (based on the funding). You will want to finalize this scope of work, and have it inserted into a formal contract, which you and your contractor sign and agree upon.

After this, you are free to proceed with the work. We wish you luck in this process and hope this guide is helpful. If you have any friends or colleagues, who are in need of insurance clarification – please, share this article with them or refer them to Four Twelve to help with their roof insurance claims and we promise to take care of them.

Four Twelve is dedicated to providing a better offering to the community of Baltimore and we want you as homeowners and business owners to be better informed about how to protect your investments – hopefully through putting the teachings of this article into practice. When it comes to roofing, gutter, skylight, and property renovation needs, you can contact us for help. You may also visit us at 10 E North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218 for a personal consultation. Contact Us Today! 

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Baltimore Construction Roofing


That’s right folks, we are officially launching a roofing company. Over the last few months, we have noticed such a demand for roofing, siding, gutters and windows in Baltimore City and Baltimore County – that we have decided to grow out a roofing segment within Four Twelve.

We are not forming a new company – we will simply be doing more roofing, siding, gutters and window work within the purview of Four Twelve’s General Contracting business.

Four Twelve aims to provide our roofing clients with the same experience they have grown accustomed to, when working with our General Contracting team. Quality, timely customer service. And integrity in relationship management.

As we state on our website, and something that has come to be a mission statement for our company – “We aim to build quality homes and manage our relationships from a place of honesty and integrity.” When it comes to roofing, these principles certainly apply, and we think we can benefit our community tremendously through offering a quality product in the exterior home improvement and renovation sector.

Contact your local roofing contractor in Baltimore, MD – Four Twelve Roofing for an estimate today!

Baltimore Flat Roofs Roofing

TYPES OF FLAT ROOFS IN BALTIMORE CITY | Four Twelve Roofing – Flat Roof Specialists

If you are a homeowner in Baltimore City, you likely have what we call a “Flat Roof.”

Flat Roofs are tricky, as they are, by definition, flat. With little to no slope on a flat roof, it is hard to shed water, snow or debris, which means you need a Baltimore roofing contractor who is experienced when it comes to these types of installations, such as Four Twelve Roofing. Check What Others Are Saying About Our Services! 

flat roof specialists in Baltimore City


Modified Bitumen is the most common product used when it comes to Flat Roofs. Modified Bitumen goes by a couple of different names – rubber, torch down or tar. Tar is the old way of doing things. Typical old rowhomes will have a tin sheet metal cap, with many layers of tar roofing material on top of them. Newer Modified Bitumen roofs will be either rubber or torch down, which is Four Twelve’s preferred flat roofing product. It is cheap and typically has a lifespan of 20 years. It is usually laid in 2-3 layers, on top of the wooden roof deck, and your roofer will use a torch to heat up the glue or adhesive to get it to stick to your roof deck.


Silicone Coated roofs are typically applied on top of original modified bitumen roofs. Silicone coatings respond well to UV degradation and are water resistant. Typically we recommend doing a modified bitumen roof and then coming back 10-15 years after the installation to do a silicone coating. The UV protection will help in the summer months. UV rays are what degrades your roof most – not snow or tree branches – but rather the hot summer sun. Water resistance also means that when water ponds on your roofs surface, behind a skylight or a chimney, it will not find any seams to sneak through, as the silicone completely prevents this.


EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and is basically the same material used to make bicycle tires. EPDM roofs are applied by mopping glue onto the roof deck and then laid flat, taping all seams and edges with a specialty tape. EPDM provides a cleaner look than modified bitumen, with less visible seams, but this material is easily punctured and thus, not as highly recommended as torch down.

Four Twelve has been a flat roof specialists with a 100% satisfaction rate from a Baltimore & Columbia roofing company. Contact us for more information. You may also visit us at 10 E North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218 for a personal consultation!


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Flat Roofs Roofing



Good morning – to every Baltimorean living in Hampden on down to Federal Hill !

Today we are going to share some professional insights on what to look for when inspecting your Baltimore City flat roof. To learn about different types of Flat Roofs. If you need a Baltimore roofing specialist, Contact Four Twelve today.

Below are 3 things to look for, which are the most common problems we see on a daily basis with when repairing and replacing flat roofs in Baltimore City.


image of roofing workers cleaning roof

1. Layering

The first thing we do at Four Twelve, when climbing on a flat roof in Baltimore City, is pull back the gutters and inspect the number of layers of roofing material present on top of the roof. Many rowhomes were originally constructed with a sheet of tin metal roofing. Over time, these tin roofs were covered up with layer upon layer of black roofing material taking various forms – tar, rubber, asphalt, etc. In Baltimore City, it is not uncommon to see the original tin roof peeking out from under 6 layers of material. If your roof has been building up many layers over time, it is not a bad idea to get a roofing professional out to your home to take a look.

A few layers is common, but to overdo this practice – by adding 3+ layers on a roof, leads to other negative side affects. One, the sheer weight of 5-6 layers of roofing material puts serious strain on the structure of your home. Additionally with each successive layer of roofing material, the install is less effective. If your roofing material has ripples and you lay next layer perfectly on top of this layer, it does not even matter. The underlying ripples will force the new layer to pop up, as it is in the photo below. The glue is not strong enough to combat the underlying materials defects.

Rowhome roof in Federal Hill. The original tin cap is rusted orange underneath. On top are between 6-8 layers of rubber, tar and torch down roofing material.

2. Alligator Skin

If you own a rowhome in Baltimore City, it is a +90% bet that you have what is called a Torch Down Rubber Roof on top of your home. This material is a quality product, but over time the rain and sun can degrade this product by stripping it of its asphalt coating and drying up the rubber material. When this happens to Torch Down Rubber Roofs, the material begins to splinter and crack – a symptom we call Alligatoring, as it starts to look like the skin of an Alligator. Prolonged cracking and splitting of rubber roof material means that your roof is nearing the end of its life cycle.

If you are able to catch alligatoring before it spreads, you can do what we call a silicone coating (learn more about this product here). But if the alligatoring is too pronounced, like it is in the photo below – then you will have to tear off and replace it the roofing material. The way to determine this, is to take a walk on your Baltimore flat roof and see if the paper is dried up and cracking under foot. It will have lost its adhesion from UV exposure and not be firmly secured on the underside. If the paper is crunching and giving underfoot – then the material is susceptible to punctures and silicone coating is no longer an option.

a pic of a damaged flat roof

Alligator Skin, a symptom every Baltimore City homeowner should be aware of. If you see this, it means that your Flat Rubber Roof is nearing the end of its life cycle.

3. Ponding Water

Torch Down Rubber Roofs must be installed properly in order for the homeowner to realize its full benefit. Oftentimes, a subpar install will create valleys of poor drainage and water may pool behind a skylight or chimney. While rubber roofs are thick, AND shed water effectively (when sloped), they can be porous if exposed to ponding water for extended periods of time. This is the 3rd no-no of rubber roofs – make sure there are no spots where water is ponding.

The spots that are most susceptible to ponding on Baltimore City flat roofs are behind skylights, chimneys and any other roof penetrations. The best way to prevent ponding next to a roof penetration, is to have your roofing build what is called a “cricket” behind the penetration. A cricket is a little triangular hill that sits on the upslope side of the penetration, and aids in the movement of water as it rolls downhill on your flat roof.

image of a flat roof in Baltimore done by Four Twelve

Ponding water is defined as water that sits on your roof’s surface for more than 48 hours. Flat roofs have difficult draining, as they don’t have great slope to shed water. Ponding water must be addressed early if spotted.

Let Four Twelve Be Your Solution
For Baltimore Flat Roof Repairs and Replacements

I can’t tell you how often I hear it – people can’t seem to find the right solution for their flat roofs in Baltimore. The flat roof is inherently a tricky product – with little to no slope – they don’t shed water or debris as effectively as sloped roofs, also there is significantly less margin for error when installing a flat roof.

If you have a flat roof in Baltimore we’d love to help you. Let us come out, inspect it and provide a professional opinion, complete with photographs and a free estimate for the repair or replacement necessary to get your roof in good working order.

All work we perform on flat roofs comes with a 3 year warranty on workmanship and a 15-20 year manufacturer’s warranty on material. Every one of our flat roof installations start and finish within 1 week. We also benefit from being a small business with less overhead, allowing us to be competitive in our pricing for roofing services.

When it comes to your roofing needs, whether flat roof or pitched roof, you can depend on Four Twelve Roofing for assistance. Aside from that, we also specialize in other property improvement and renovation services, including but not limited to gutters and skylights. Contact us today or visit us at 10 E North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21218 for a personal consultation!

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