Vinyl Siding Repair & Installation Baltimore, MD

If you’re looking to improve the look of your home without the painting, vinyl siding is a popular, affordable choice of Siding in Baltimore. Many homeowners and builders choose it because it’s long lasting, durable, cost effective and relatively easy to install and maintain. Vinyl siding is made to withstand the heavy wind and impact from hail. In addition, vinyl resists excessive moisture, meaning it will not rot or corrode over time. Today’s vinyl siding comes in hundreds of colors, textures, and profiles to give you complete versatility in designing your dream exterior.

Vinyl comes in a variety of grains, thickness and colors making it also a practical choice for many homeowners. When it comes to siding, vinyl is about as low maintenance as it gets. Since it resists pests such as termites which reduces the chance of rot, it will keep its original qualities for many years, giving you your money’s worth. Insulated vinyl siding prevents heat loss between the wall studs in exterior walls. Insulated vinyl siding places a blanket of protection over the studs, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. In addition, insulated vinyl siding may make you eligible for energy tax credits, making it even more economical to install. You can get a lifetime warranty on your vinyl siding that is often prorated for up to 50 years on successive owners.

If your Vinyl Siding needs to be repaired, this is something we can do as well. Reflashing, caulking, sealing and repairing leaks, is something we are well acquainted with. Let Four Twelve help you with your next project by:

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