Understanding Roofing Terminology for Your Roof Replacement in Maryland

When you schedule an estimate for a roof replacement in Maryland, your estimator may be throwing a lot of terminology at you about the roof. When they talk about damaged eaves, or replacing the underlayment, you may feel like they’re speaking a different language. To ensure that the estimation process feels transparent and effective, it’s […]

The Ins and Outs of Roofing Warranties

A full roof replacement is rarely a cheap investment. While it can be necessary to protect your home, it’s likely that you’ll want to explore options to protect your new roof from future damage. Fortunately, many roofing projects are covered by some degree of warranty. However, as compared to say your car’s warranty, roofing warranties […]

The Purpose of the Roof Boot

Have you ever noticed the pieces of piping that protrude off your roof? If so, you’ve probably wondered what purpose they serve, and whether or not they present any risks to your roofing system. These pipes are part of your home’s plumbing and ventilation system. The covering that seals them on the roof is referred […]