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At Four Twelve we offer a diverse range of window styles and aesthetics perfect for any window installation in Baltimore and the surrounding counties including Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, Frederick, Carroll, and Harford. 

Distinct Window Options That Make Sense for How You Live

Windows are fundamentally important to the appearance and function of our homes. At Four Twelve, we offer a huge selection of window styles and customization options that helps ensure there is a product that meets your specific tastes. Replacement windows in Frederick and throughout the greater Baltimore area should be tailored to how we actually live our lives. 

Whether you want clear sightlines, energy efficiency, distinctive frames, and grid patterns, or a wide selection of colors, Four Twelve brings the best window replacement Baltimore and beyond with excellent options to meet your needs. Our team is committed to unbeatable service from the first phone call to the finishing touch of your project. The Four Twelve difference is all about communication, dedication, and expert workmanship. 

Our Gallery

Explore affordable window replacement Baltimore options that don’t sacrifice on the quality you should expect. Our economy windows fit a variety of home styles and budgets. Our team will help you choose an option that makes the most sense for you.

Want window installation Baltimore that bring more features, enhanced durability, and superior energy efficiency? Our premium window options encompass every aspect you could desire for a higher-price point window product, all expertly installed.  

Awning windows open upwards into the shape of an awning. They are tailored to provide great airflow while also allowing for proper privacy. They also are difficult to access from the outside, allowing for superior safety. 

Beautiful and welcoming, bay windows are composed of a set of three separate windows that form a curved alcove. Alcove sizes can range, from sitting spaces to some extra shelving for your chosen room. 

Like bay windows, bow windows form alcoves. The major difference is the number of replacement windows baltimore md, typically including 4-5 windows as opposed to three. This expands the size and sightlines but also increases the price as well. 

Instead of sliding up and down, casement windows are hinged to the side, providing an alternative opening method. They’re often cranked open, and offer advanced ventilation and sealing, increasing energy efficiency. 

Double-hung doesn’t refer to the number of replacement windows baltimore md, but the dual functionality of being able to open at the top and bottom. This allows you to open the top to combat hot days when the heat rises. They are especially effective in upstairs rooms. 

Garden window installation Baltimore offer superior sightlines and are perfect for areas where you want increased lighting, as well as places you tend to want to have a great view outside. Their airflow isn’t as substantial as other offerings. 

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows combine fantastic sightlines without sacrificing on increased ventilation. You are able to slide in an entire side of the window, easily allowing you to welcome in the fresh air while still maintaining a great view. 

Specialty Windows

Explore specialty window options, such as wooden framed windows, vent windows, unique vinyls, and energy-efficient options. If you have a window replacement Baltimore in mind, the Four Twelve team likely has an option for you. 

Unparalleled Window Installation In Baltimore and the Surrounding Communities

Four Twelve is committed to providing professional, expert window installation in Baltimore and the surrounding communities. Our committed team helps streamline the process for you, and with a plethora of great styles and options to explore, the Four Twelve team has you covered. Fill out the form to get started today. 

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