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Few things make your home in Baltimore City feel more inviting than a beautiful deck to take in the city. All across the city, decks help increase property values and provide homeowners with a space of serenity. No matter the neighborhood, a deck makes your home more inviting and livable. Four Twelve is an experienced deck builder in Baltimore City. We work with you from the initial design to when the final nail goes in to make sure your deck is the perfect accessory to your home.

What Does Building a Deck in Baltimore City Entail?

Building a deck is about more than just designing something that’s aesthetic and serves its function. Building a deck in Baltimore City requires securing the right permits for your property from the city, and sometimes even from your neighbors. Architectural drawings may also be required, a task you only want to trust the experts. Decks are highly customizable projects, and require careful planning and collaboration to make your vision come to life. Four Twelve will help you design an optimal size and shape, select the material right for you, and go over accessory options for your deck such as lighting fixtures. We make a point to go through every detail with you so the product delivered at the end is just right for your home.

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Deck Builders Baltimore - Your Options Through Four Twelve

Four Twelve offers a variety of deck materials to fit homes of different styles across Baltimore City.

Treated Wood decks are the most common deck material. These are the classic decks you’re familiar with. They offer a variety of color options, railing types, and picket styles. Each aspect can be tweaked to fit your tastes. For those who want decks that require less maintenance, you may want to consider PVC, Composite, and Trex decking products. These are synthetic options that offer greater durability and less management. These materials are a more modern option that homeowners have grown fond of thanks to their long-lasting value.

Let Four Twelve Build You a Wonderful Deck Today

Four Twelve offers fantastic deck services to homes across Baltimore City. As an experienced contractor, we provide additional services such as partial or full roof replacements in conjunction with your new deck project. Contact Four Twelve today to schedule an estimate. If you’d like to learn more about our process of a building a deck on rowhomes in Baltimore City, check out our blog here.

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