Specialty Windows Baltimore

At Four Twelve, we bring together expert craftsmanship, comprehensive customer service, and the highest quality products available to provide the best exterior remodeling service in Baltimore MD. 

Tailored Specialty Window Installation In Baltimore MD

Since 2013, Four Twelve has remained committed to serving our clients and community through professional workmanship and transparent communication. Our wide selection of windows ensures that we have a fit for all sorts of applications.

Specialty windows are an excellent choice if you are looking for a custom-shaped window to add a beautiful visual appeal to your home. Ditch the boxy shape of traditional windows and explore the creative freedom that comes with specialty windows. With an abundance of available configurations, we have a specialty window installation Baltimore that is perfect for you.

A Huge Selection of Specialty Window Options

Our specialty windows are available in a diverse variety of customizable configurations to fit the unnatural spaces within a home. Their adaptable nature and unique appearance make them an excellent window choice.

Wooden Windows

Our wood windows are constructed with the homeowner in mind. Long-lasting and requiring minimal maintenance, wood windows are a great option for those looking to boost their home’s visual appearance with a classic aesthetic.  The wooden composition makes these windows superior insulators, built to withstand the elements.

Vent Windows

Let in the summer breeze with vent windows. Available in a number of configurations, vent windows can be applied to a range of applications. Their unique design means that they will remain functional for years to come. Use vent windows to let the weather in while keeping out uninvited guests with durable screening systems.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows are typically one of the weak points of a home in terms of insulation and energy efficiency. Thankfully, energy-efficient windows exist to offer a solution to this problem. With dual pane insulated glass and a thermally optimized frame, our energy-efficient windows are sure to decrease energy transfer and save you money on your monthly energy bill.


Applicable to a wide range of unique scenarios, versatility is a key component of specialty windows. Highly customizable, specialty windows are built to the specifics of the individual situation.

Visual Appeal

The distinct shape of specialty windows greatly compliments the architectural nature of a home. The varying shapes can be applied to match the angles of the house. Boosting both the interior and exterior appearance, specialty windows are a fantastic choice.

Specialty Window Replacement in Baltimore MD and the Surrounding Areas

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