Skylights are a beautiful addition to Baltimore homes that help bring in natural light. Additionally, they can add ventilation and fresh air-flow to your home. Let the team at Four Twelve spruce up your home.


Skylight Installation and Replacement

For many homeowners, skylights are a beautiful inclusion that brings in more natural light in. This helps make the whole space feel more welcoming, and well, more like home. Skylights are aesthetically pleasing. However, due to their location on your roof, improperly installed or damaged skylights can cause leaks and allow for moisture buildup. Trust the experts at Four Twelve to install beautiful skylights that will ensure the only thing coming through them is sun light. 

New Skylight Installation

When you’re considering a skylight installation, there are two primary options to choose from, velux skylights and pyramid skylights. 


These are the skylights you’re probably more familiar with. Velux skylights are flat and can fit both flat and shingle roofs. Homeowners appreciate the great insulative quality these skylights offer, keeping your home at a steady temperature while adding a bounty of natural light. They also have a more modern look, which some homeowners prefer over the more classic look of pyramid skylights.


Flat roof owners across Baltimore have the choice of pyramid skylights instead of velux. Pyramid skylights have a particular character that’s undeniable, giving your home a historic feel while maintaining modern amenities. Pyramid skylights allow for better ventilation, creating air-flow through your home. 

Velux skylights installed by Four Twelve
Finished skylight by Four Twelve

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Skylight Repair

As mentioned, while skylights are both beautiful and provide benefits to homeowners, they can also create problems that need to be fixed. Damaged or improperly installed skylights can affect your home’s ability to maintain temperature, as well as lead to leaks and moisture build up. Here are some common signs to be on the lookout for that tell you it’s time to have your skylights repaired or replaced.

Cracked Glass

Cracks in the glass of your skylight, even small, can quickly spread, and lead to a dangerous situation of the skylight breaking. To avoid this, contact Four Twelve as soon as you spot a crack.

Rusting Metal

 If you see dark brown or orange streaks running down your skylight, that’s a sign that the galvanized metal framing is rusted and disintegrating. A disintegrated metal frame can create holes for water to invade your home. 

Covered Weep Holes

This issue stems from improper installation of your skylights, or the result of a later roofing project that wasn’t conducted carefully. This is one of the most common problems we see in Baltimore that affects pyramid skylights. The weep holes are there to drain (or “weep”) water off of your skylight and away from its base. When these are covered, water can build up on your roof, causing damage. 

Finished pyramid skylight

Four Twelve Can Meet All Your Skylight Needs

Skylights provide your home with modern amenities that help make it feel more liveable. If you’re ready to have your very own skylights installed, or want to make sure they are working to the best of their ability, contact Four Twelve today. Our team has seen everything that can go wrong with skylights across Baltimore, and know how to do it right. If you’d like to learn more about skylights in Baltimore, check out our definitive guide!

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