Rowhome Rehab

*Due to a high volume of requests, we are not able to accept window, door, and property rehab projects at this time. We appreciate your understanding. 

Four Twelve is actually named after the address of the first rowhome we rehabbed in Baltimore city. Rehabbing rowhomes is authentic to who we are as a company – let us help with your rehab project.

The Story of Our First Rehab

The rowhome is critical to the identity of Baltimore as a city. Hundreds of thousands of rowhomes line our streets, a vivid representation of the industrial-era boom, and now, of its bust. Across our varied neighborhoods, different styles of rowhomes give each its own flair. While many Baltimore residents enjoy life in their rowhomes, you don’t have to go far through the city to encounter numerous rowhomes left empty, decaying and putting a drain on the communities they sit in. 

The story of Four Twelve is one intimately connected to the abandoned rowhomes of Baltimore. Our very first project was a rowhome rehab, a story which you can read in full here. Our namesake, Four Twelve comes from this very first project, the rehab of 412 E. Lanvale Street. When we came into possession of this property, it was severely rundown to the point that many onlookers may think it was beyond salvaging. However, where some saw a lost cause we saw an opportunity to create something fantastic.

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Essential Parts of a Rowhome Rehab


The first step in rehabbing your rowhome is demolition. This includes debris removal, removal of flooring, damaged interior elements such as stairs, and removing elements of a home’s framing so they can be replaced. You can read more about hiring Four Twelve for demolition projects here. There are several elements that follow debris removal and demolition to start bringing the rowhome rehab together. 


Framing for rowhome rehab projects presents unique challenges but also exciting prospects. The difficulty in framing work comes from the narrowness of rowhomes. The challenge is trying to make a narrow rowhome feel spacious, so it’s the job of the rehabber to use framing in a way that emphasizes the length of the home since it’s options for width are limited. Learn more about our framing process and services here


Many vacant rowhomes suffer from severe roof damage and may require ful roof replacements. Four Twelve’s expertise in roofing allows us to replace the roofing structure with expert craftsmanship to create a roof that is durable, attractive, and will protect your home for years to come.

image of building to be completed
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Rowhome Rehabs Are In Our Blood

From Four Twelve’s inception, we’ve seen the need in Baltimore for the mass of our vacant homes to be repaired and reworked into something that benefits the local community. Rowhome rehabs are in the fabric of what we do at Four Twelve. Our team understands the intricate process from start to finish so the product that we deliver at the end is something you can be proud of as the owner of rehabbed rowhome. If you’re interested in having a recently purchased rundown rowhome rehabbed, give Four Twelve a call today.

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