Gutters are an essential tool to keep your home water free. The different options offer stylistic flair that fit a variety of homes and tastes. Four Twelve can provide you with the best gutter products available.


The Crucial Role of Gutters

Your gutters are an underappreciated workhorse within the ecosystem of your roof. Not only do your gutters funnel water away from dripping down onto your entrance path, porch, etc, they also stop the buildup of water against your roof. A gutter system that isn’t working properly can cause water buildup to invade your attic space, consolidating moisture and allowing for the wood of your roofing frame to rot. Your gutters are important, and an installation of new gutters Baltimore that fit your home right makes sure they can keep doing their job. 

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Types of Gutters

There are a variety of different gutter options Four Twelve offers homeowners for houses of all shapes and sizes. For general gutter cleaning in Baltimore, contact us. 

Aluminum K-Style

This gutter is one of the most common styles on offer. The modern, rectangular design does a great job of diverting water from your roof. Additionally, the flat shape allows for easier installation as they can be nailed directly in as opposed to needing several additional brackets to hold them in place. Four Twelve offers both 5” and 6” gutters. 

Aluminum Half Rounds

 This option is what you could call the classic. Half Rounds predate K-Style and as such are more common on historic buildings. However, they can add some architectural intrigue to any home, historic or not. An additional advantage is that the smooth, rounded shape makes it more difficult for debris to get lodged in the gutter, reducing the time and energy you have to spend cleaning your gutters out. These gutters come in both 5” and 6” options. 

Alternative Options

In addition to these two standard gutter options, Four Twelve also offers specialty gutters to fit the needs of any client. These options include:

Galvanized Gutters

An older style popular amongst historic Baltimore homes. Offers enhanced durability over aluminum gutters.

Copper Gutters

This custom product is typically used for historic homes. Because of the durability of the material and its inability to rust, copper gutters can last up to 50 years over the likely 20 lifespan of aluminum gutters.

Leaf Relief Gutter Guards

If your home is surrounded by trees, we highly recommend the Leaf Relief Gutter Guard add on to any Four Twelve gutter installation. These are mechanically attached with screens to your gutter to ensure a sturdy connection. When fall comes, this will help make your weekends more painless. Spend less time cleaning leaves out of gutters and more time watching their colors change. 

Get the Best Out of Your Gutters Today

The importance of a good gutter system to the overall health of your roof cannot be understated. The team at Four Twelve can implement a gutter system for your home that is built to last. Contact us today. 

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