Economy Windows Baltimore

At Four Twelve, we understand the importance of recognizing the specific needs of an individual’s home renovation. Our years of experience have shown us that everyone has different requirements, which is why we offer a variety of professional services and high-quality products across the greater Baltimore area.

Unbeatable Service for Window Installation in Baltimore

Four Twelve is delighted to offer a wide range of affordable replacement windows in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. Since 2013, our expert team of representatives has worked closely with our clients to achieve outstanding results by implementing a sense of professionalism into every contract. 

Bringing a high standard of build quality and reliability at an affordable price, our vinyl windows deliver on their promise to provide an energy-efficient economical vinyl window replacement. Not only do they visually compliment the room, but their unique composition and design also improve energy efficiency, allowing for an increase in monthly savings on heating and cooling costs.

Quality Vinyl Window Replacement

Our economy window option combines affordability with durability, making it possible to install a high-quality window at an economical rate. Don’t sacrifice your monthly energy savings on a poorly constructed window replacement, get the best of both worlds with a quality window replacement.

Simple Maintenance

The vinyl mainframe avoids splitting, rotting, swelling, and warping like traditional wood window replacements. With minimal upkeep, our economy vinyl windows will endure against the elements while keeping their beautiful appearance.  

Energy Smart

An insulating glass unit, interlocking meeting rails and fusion-welded sashes, and mainframe all work together to maximize insulation and minimize air penetration. This combination of technologies operates in tandem in order to save you money on your monthly energy bill.


Affordability should not mean a sacrifice in functionality. Fortunately, our line of economy vinyl windows is an inexpensive window replacement solution that maintains its constructive quality. 


Our quality vinyl windows come in a variety of color and grid pattern options. This visual versatility permits all sorts of different home applications and color pairings. These window replacements are also available in several different window configurations, furthering their versatility and ability to be adapted to varying situations. 

home that received roofing in Catonsville MD

Expert Contractors for Window Replacement in Baltimore and the Surrounding Areas

The Four Twelve team has been dedicated to providing the Baltimore and central Maryland area with high quality window replacements, paired with expert installation services, that will continue to effeciently serve their purpose for years to come. Contact the Four Twelve team to get started today. 

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