Shutters Baltimore

Shutters are a unique and valuable addition to the windows of your home. They provide functional advantages all while adding to the overall appearance of your property. Four Twelve are experts at shutter installation in Baltimore MD.

A Classic Making a Comeback.

Shutters were once a key feature of many American homes, but they fell out of fashion for a while. However, their value has been reassessed and they’re making a huge comeback.

This is thanks to the realization of the value shutters add, from noise cancellation and energy efficiency to better light regulation, shutters are have strategic advantages you can take advantage of as a homeowner. And to top it all off, they add a unique, attractive visual element to complement the exterior and interior of your home. 

The Advantages of Shutters

Windows are crucial to our home, and they affect more aspects of how it functions than you may at first think. Shutters are an element that enhances the positive qualities of your windows. A shutter installation in Baltimore is the perfect complement to excellent windows. 

Temperature Regulation

Shutters are another layer in your window system that helps retain the internal temperature. They help you save on your energy bill, meaning when you install shutters in Baltimore, you’re actually investing in saving money in the long term. 

Light Regulation

No need to hassle around with different shades when shutters are simple, permanent options that won’t be damaged by pets. They’re a durable, effective solution to control light within your home.  


Despite their classy look, shutters are actually a cost-effective window accessory that you can easily take advantage of. Whether you’re having new windows installed, or simply want to spruce up existing windows, shutters are a great option. 

Noise Cancellation

Feel like outside noise is a burden? Shutters are a great way to further the sound-reducing qualities of your windows. Thick, well made shutters can make your inside spaces a more peaceful place to be. 

Reliable, Professional Shutter Installation in Baltimore MD

Our expert team of exterior remodelers can handle all of your shutter installation needs in Baltimore. Reach out today to get started with Four Twelve. 

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