It is Four Twelve’s mission to provide estimates that are honest, extensive, and clearly communicated so you understand exactly what’s wrong and how we plan to fix it. To ensure this happens, we have our own process for providing you with an honest assessment of the best of our ability.

Creating a Lasting Solution

When a Four Twelve estimator visits your home, they inspect the entire roof system, free of charge. Part of our commitment to transparency is ensuring is helping you better understand the inner workings of your roofing system so each cost for a project is clear.This allows us to work with you to build a comprehensive roofing solution that meets you budget and specific needs. We leave no stone unturned. Our estimate inspection includes gutters, drip edge, penetrations and other roof faces – on top of the areas that are proving immediately problematic.

Getting on the Roof

We get on the roof, every single time.

Call us old-fashioned, but there is no substitute for walking a roof and having an expert inspect it with their own two eyes, whether it is pitched or flat. Part of our process is taking photos and videos to illustrate roof performance and areas of vulnerability. We always share these photos with you so there’s visual evidence backing up which areas need to be fixed or replaced.

Sam climbing down a ladder

Photos and Videos

How many people have ever been on their roof? The answer is not that many.

For this reason, at every roof inspection we take up to 20-30 photos and videos to best document the state of your roof. We want to show you what it looks like from afar, up close, all the geographical features (chimneys, skylights, vent pipes, you name it). Our goal is to impart upon you what your roof needs to properly function. We apply our expertise to diagnosing every facet of your roof and work through a maintenance plan together.

Same Day Estimates

After getting off your roof, our sales reps go to their mobile office and put together a proposal. We never leave a job site without putting an estimate in your hands. Contractors are notorious for being slow to respond. We strive to provide a higher quality of service that prioritizes YOU, and part of that is providing a price the same day we visit your home.

Pricing Estimates that Suit Your Needs

You will always have options when it comes to replacements, repairs, and maintenance on your roof. At Four Twelve Roofing, we put together options that help you get solutions on a modest budget, and then scale those upward depending on what can be afforded and the scale of the repairs needed for your roof. We go in to each estimate hoping to provide a solution that works for our clients. 

Respectful and Cleanliness When In Your Home

When one of our team members enters your home, it is company policy to wear protective shoe coverings. We may have to step around toys and furniture to get a look around, and we want to keep our construction life separate from your home life. Above all, we are grateful for client that reaches out to us for roofing and restoration services. We let respectfulness and professionalism serve as our driving forces during the estimation process. You will never be pressured into buying product, either in the comfort of your home or by one of our office reps. No exploding offers. No same day discounts. We want to help, and part of that is creating solutions that last and forming relationships that will carry on into the future. To learn more about Four Twelve,  check what other clients have to say about our services!

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Four Twelve believes that honesty and integrity should always drive our estimate process. We’ve worked hard to create a process that is fair, transparent, and delivers to your the best price possible for the quality of service available. Contact Four Twelve today to schedule an estimate for all of your roofing and restoration needs.

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