The Baltimore Roof Trust 2019


Who We Are

Four Twelve is a local roofing company based out of Baltimore City. It was founded by Shea Frederick and Sam Frank, two Baltimore City residents who quit their desk jobs to pursue careers in construction. The name ‘Four Twelve’ is derived from the first row-home the company ever worked on and pays homage to their roots in the Baltimore City neighborhood of Greenmount West, where it all began.

Our Mission

Four Twelve has always been about more than just construction projects. Through collaborative projects, Four Twelve has been able to strengthen its ties within the community. Creating tangible changes in the lives of those we work for is important to the entire team at Four Twelve. For us, the Baltimore Roof Trust is an opportunity to create a lasting positive impact in Baltimore City.  Our growth as a company could not have happened without a deep connection to our local community in Baltimore.

What is the Baltimore Roof Trust

The Baltimore Roof Trust is a project designed to give back to Baltimore City by selecting an annual candidate to receive a free roof replacement. It is emulated off of the successful program called the Every Shingle Heart Initiative, created by Reliant Roofing, a Jacksonville Florida-based roofing company. Following our 2019 project, we will open an online nomination system so that individuals across Baltimore can nominate candidates to receive the services of the Baltimore Roof Trust in 2020 and beyond. Four Twelve has had the ability to grow and flourish, thanks to the support from our clients throughout Baltimore, and through the Baltimore Roof Trust, we’re able to show our appreciation by giving back to Baltimore City.

This Year’s Baltimore Roof Trust Recipient

The 2019 Baltimore Roof Trust recipient is the Johnson family of the Greenmount West Neighborhood, the neighborhood where Four Twelve started its business. The Johnson family was selected by the Greenmount West Community Association and Jubilee Baltimore as the initial recipient of the Roof Trust.

The homeowner, Andrew Johnson, inherited his home in Greenmount West from his mother and has lived in the neighborhood for over 40 years. Andrew is an Airforce Veteran and spent over a decade as a DC Firefighter. During his time as a firefighter, he experienced an injury which makes it difficult for him to go up on his own roof to provide necessary repairs. He lives in the house with his older and younger brothers. The Johnson family is very connected to their neighborhood in Greenmount West. His oldest brother spends his time as a retiree helping neighbors with lawn care. Their deep ties to the community is a great example of how resilient and connected the residents of Baltimore City are. 

The Roof Replacement

Andrew Johnson first learned about the Baltimore Roof Trust through his neighbor. Subsequently, Four Twelve came out to Andrew’s property to assess his roof and determined that he was in need of a roof replacement to protect and preserve his home. The project work took place from November 11th-13th and was completed in time for the holidays. All materials related to the roof replacement were donated by ABC Supply and Mule-Hide Products. 

Andrew notes the way the Roof Trust could help set an example for other businesses across Baltimore to evaluate their success and see what they can do to give back to the communities that allow businesses to flourish. Andrew describes the sense of relief delivered to him by having a new roof that he and his family won’t have to worry about for years to come. This is what the Roof Trust is all about. 

The Future of the Baltimore Roof Trust

The Baltimore Roof Trust, as a project, is about using our resources as a Baltimore based company to give back. This initial 2019 project is only the beginning of what we hope will be a long and plentiful experience of providing free roofs to those in need across the city.

For 2020, we will be accepting nominations for candidates who you believe should receive the services of the Roof Trust. We can’t wait to hear more stories from the incredible residents of Baltimore, and collaborate with the community to select a candidate for the year. 

With a commitment to donate at least one roof replacement per year, Four Twelve hopes the Baltimore Roof Trust can impact many lives over the course of its time. We hope you’ll join us on this journey and that it inspires you to help give back to this incredible city however you can.

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