Four Twelve offers a variety of services related to demolition – from hauling trash to gutting a house, all the way to razing a building. If you have a demolition project, we’re the team for you.


Baltimore Demolition Services

Upon starting any restoration project, demolition is usually the first phase of construction. From hauling trash and cleaning out rubble to stabalizing a building or razing it to the ground, Four Twelve’s demolition team is fit to take on any demolition projects in the greater Baltimore area. These include projects for multifamily, commercial, and residential properties. Four Twelve’s turnkey approach to the stabilization effort means less headache on your end.


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Multifamily and Commercial Demolition

Four Twelve started its business by gut-rehabbing rowhomes throughout Baltimore City. Since then, we’ve grown to take on more and larger projects. The lessons we’ve learned during these projects have allowed us to approach demolition work with an expert eye. During larger renovation projects, customers may require complex and varied demolition services. As a part of our service offering as a contractor, clients often hire us to perform demolition work followed by framing, roofing, and additional other scopes of work. Working with one contractor through the stabilization process of a project provides value to our customers, so that you can have a trusted contractor working on all frontend construction.

Other Demolition Projects

Four Twelve is capable of handling a variety of other demolition needs throughout Baltimore City. An unfortunate reality of Baltimore is that many available properties have fallen into disrepair, and rehabbing them requires a large amount of removal of debris and other damaged elements. Four Twelve began by rehabbing rowhomes, and we’re happy to assist clients in the cleaning and removal of rowhome buildings. We also offer partial demolition projects for your home such as demolition of decks. 

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Four Twelve Can Help You Build Something Great

Demolition can seem like a harsh word. But really, what it means to Four Twelve is clearing out something broken so something incredible can be put into place. Our team is capable of handling your demolition projects, big and small. If you are in need of a roofing or framing project, but are worried you have to call a separate contractor for debris removal, don’t sweat it. Four Twelve can handle it all. Contact us today to schedule a time for an estimator to come out to your property.

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