Insulation is key to keeping your home or property comfortable, and safe-guarded from the elements. By working with some top-notch products, Four Twelve is able to offer fantastic insulation options to the Baltimore community.

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A building’s ability to regulate internal and exterior temperature is one of its most important features. We all want to live and work in places that keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summertime. Insulation is one of the keys to keeping your property the right temperature and running energy efficient. Four Twelve provides insulation services to help ensure that your home keeps you comfortable and your energy bills down. Our expert team provides a variety of insulation options to fit the specific needs of your property, from homes and apartments to multifamily properties and commercial spaces. 

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What Insulation Projects Does Four Twelve Provide?

The importance of insulation applies to a variety of different projects across property-types. Some of our most common insulation jobs come during the course of roofing projects we’re completing. Your roof is a focal point for temperature regulation in your property thanks to its size and exposure to sunlight and the elements. Ensuring your roof is properly insulated is crucial to keep your home the right temperature. Another common project is insulation for gut rehabs on rowhomes or other properties. Gut rehabs require extensive insulation applied all over the home.

In addition to our work on residential roof and attic insulation, we also service multifamily properties and commercial buildings. If you own multiple-units or apartments in a multifamily building, you may find it difficult attracting tenants to a place without any insulation. Insulation is especially important in multifamily buildings for its soundproofing capabilities. Tenants prefer not to be able to hear everything their neighbors are doing, and insulation helps absorb sound so it doesn’t pass between walls.

What Kind of Insulation Does Four Twelve Offer?

Four Twelve’s goal is to provide top-tier products to our clients for all of your insulation needs. The products we offer lend versatile uses to match to make sure your property is insulated to the best extent it should be. Some of the insulation options we offer include:

Batt Insulation

Batt insulation is the most common type of insulation that many property-owners are familiar with. These pre-cut rolls of insulation are commonly made from fiberglass and are the most cost-effective method of insulating your home. However, fiberglass insulation is an irritant to skin and can damage eyes. It should always be installed by experienced professionals.

Open-Cell Foam

Of the two popular foam materials, open-cell foam is the more soft and flexible. The cells aren’t completely encapsulated as the name suggests. This lends to the flexibility, allowing it to fit a variety of spaces better. Open-cell foam expands after installation, which leads to being able to better fill cracks and hard to reach spaces of your home.

Closed-Cell Foam

Closed-cell foam is more rigid than it’s soft counterpart. It is also the thicker of the two materials. Closed-cell foam acts as a barrier to moisture entry better than open-cell foam, keeping your home dry and ensuring water won’t enter your attic. Closed-cell foam is the pricier option between the two.

Keep Your Home Comfortable

The team at Four Twelve understands how integral insulation is to the comfort and efficiency of your home, multifamily unit, or commercial building. Our team will help you determine which insulation fits your property best. Contact us today to schedule an estimate. 

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