Multifamily properties are a great investment as Baltimore continues to grow. Four Twelve is here to provide you with excellent multifamily renovation services to bring your properties into the modern era. 


Let Us Stabilize Your Baltimore Multifamily Property

As a premier contractor in Baltimore, multifamily remodeling projects are an important part of what we do. Four Twelve has completed a variety of multifamily projects across the city, providing services raning from demolition, framing, and roofing to other scopes as well. Multifamily housing, including apartments, condos, and townhomes, require experienced contractors to manage all of the moving parts the remodeling process entails. Baltimore has a wealth of housing that is either vacant or significantly worn down. This allows savvy property investors to purchase multifamily properties on the cheap. Once purchased, you can trust in Four Twelve to revitalize your new property unit by unit to help deliver to you a great return on investment. 

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Multifamily Remodeling Services Offered By Four Twelve

Whether you recently purchased property, or simply need to bring your property into the 21st century, Four Twelve can offer a number of different services. Some of these include: 


When performing a full gut rehab, or even an interior renovation, the first step is to clear out the old to make way for the new. Four Twelve can help with the demolition process no matter how large, small, or dirty.


Part of Four Twelve’s value proposition is that we can provide all the services needed on the front end of your project to stabalize your property. Not only do we do demolition but we also do framing. From new construction to renovation, as a framing company in Baltimore MD, we can provide framing services involving metal or wooden stud construction. 


After you clear out your property and reframe it, it is vital that you put a roof on it to protect your investment. As specialists in roofing, Four Twelve offers roofing services as a part of the multifamily suite of construction services we provide to clients.

Windows and Doors

As a part framing out your multifamily property, Four Twelve can also flash and install your windows and exterior doors. We can help you to work with our supplier to select the style and material that suits your project, and work with you to provide a brilliant new look for your property.


Four Twelve also provides insulation services as a part of our suite of multifamily property renovation services. From batt insulation to spray foam and air-sealing, we can offer turnkey solutions to properly insulate your property for a fair price and in quick order.

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Four Twelve Helps Craft Your Ideal Property

All of these interplaying parts can sound difficult to keep track of. This is why Four Twelve helps you with the design process of your remodel to help you bring your ideal property to fruition. Our team has experience remodeling multifamily properties to help bring them into the 21st century, building units that are energy efficient and help limit their environment impact through the careful selection of materials we use. Baltimore is a constantly growing city, and never has there been a better time for property investors to purchase multifamily homes. Four Twelve’s expert team understands the whole remodeling process from design phase to the very final touches. Contact us today to learn about our multifamily projects and schedule an in-person consultation.

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