Kitchens? Baths? Gut Rehabs?

We do ’em all. Renovation is our first love – as our company started out gut rehabbing rowhomes in the heart of Baltimore City. From there, people started to appreciate our design sensibilities, and since, our presence has spread throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

The Renovation Process

When undergoing a renovation, each project starts the same way – site protection and demolition. On day one of renovation, we arrive at your house with plastic wrap and cardboard for the floors. We build a dust wall, lay protection on the floor and tape up the seams of all plastic wrap so that nothing can escape from our site. After the site has been protected and secured for cleanliness – we are ready to begin demolition. Demolition is a dirty job, and that is why site protection is that much more valuable. Typically we will have a dumpster on site to place our demolition debris into or we will use a pick up truck to carry it off site. After demolition is completed, it is onto the build. From framing, drywall, cabinetry, carpentry, stone and tile work – we do it all. Anyway you would like to design and finish a house – we can perform it, also we are open to new and creative ideas in which we get to collaborate with a client. When we are completed our work – we will do what is called a punch out – where we spend a few days (or weeks, depending on the size of the job) finishing final details, painting, carpentry, etc. – to get your project just right. This is one of the most critical stages of the renovation – something that every Baltimore homeowner should be aware of.

Window and Exterior Door installation Baltimore

Our Gallery

Baltimore City Projects

Baltimore City is a city of rowhomes and contractors who work in the city develop a familiarity for the rowhomes quirks. We got our start renovating Baltimore City rowhomes and we still do plenty of them, as they are a core part of our business. We have been hired to do whole house rehabs or kitchens and baths. Our background though, makes us an ideal contractor to work on your Baltimore City rowhome renovation.

Baltimore County Projects

As our company has grown, we have expanded into more projects in Baltimore County. We have performed kitchens, baths and general rehabs. If you have any needs that you think may need addressing, our company can build quality luxury for pricing that is more competitive than the typical county builder. Specializing in projects along interstate 83 and the 695 beltway – we are loyal and local to anyone in the Greater Baltimore Area who is looking for a contractor.

An Appreciation for Old Homes

In order to be a great renovator, you must love old homes. Historical details that can no longer be recreated. Materials that can no longer be found. Techniques that once were popular and nowadays have been outplaced. These are the things, which got us into homebuilding. Thus, when we get hired to do renovations in Baltimore – we treat each home with the care and concern it deserves. Anytime you build a kitchen, bath or new space in your home, it must meld in with the existing elements of a home. And this is not always easy.

Design Sensibilities

In line with appreciation for old homes, part of the renovation process is understanding your plans for the home as a whole. Building a beautiful kitchen that doesn’t fit with the rest of the home’s aesthetics simply will not do. And that is where having a builder who understands design can tremendously aid your renovation process. The best renovations are performed by contractors who can advise on quality materials, color schemes, trending materials AND the arena in which we thrive the most – being a contractor who can fabricate custom pieces to accompany your beautiful little home projects. This is something that Four Twelve prides itself on – the ability to dream, design and create. Throughout all of our projects, we leave a little bit of ourselves behind, and this is something that keeps our clients coming back. It is not enough to build for a living – you must have passion for the process of renovation.

The Importance of Supervision

In order to produce a quality renovation in Baltimore, having quality supervision is essential. In renovation, there are infinite problems that can arise – having a maestro on site to sort through problem solving exercises and to direct the tradesmen, is a key element involved in delivering a quality finished product. On all of our renovation jobs, we provide supervision in the form of back office project management and site supervision. This allows us to keep track of project decisions and costing the projects diligently – it also allows us to manage the process on the ground floor, as the renovation is being constructed. This level of attention to process and detail has allowed us to grow a superior brand, which allows us to shine through as one of the best general contractors in Baltimore.

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image of well-maintained living room
image of roofing project in progress

How To Hire Us

If you think you want us to take on your home renovation or roof renovation, contact us today and we’d be happy to discuss. Once you reach out to us, we will schedule a time to visit your property and discuss it with you in person. If you have never been through a renovation before and are a first time renovator in Baltimore – not to worry – we have a proven process on how to best execute these jobs and we aim to serve you in the best way we know possible. From on site visits throughout the week, to open lines of communication by phone and email throughout the day – we try to simplify the process so that you can enjoy it while it is taking place. So – call us today or email us. We will be in touch shortly to schedule a time to visit your home and discuss your project. Anything is possible – so lets dream it up and build it together!