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Is your shingle roof not aging well through the seasons? Four Twelve Roofing knows what you’re going through. The importance of keeping a roof over your head isn’t just a phrase, it’s a reality that can hugely affect the safety, dryness, and energy efficiency of your home. Our experienced team has rapidly grown over the past few years due to our successful track record in vital shingle roof replacements.

Four Twelve Roofing is a top-notch outfit! They are professional, thorough, detail-oriented, and fun to work with. Our roof is fantastic, and I feel confident about the fact that the job has been done well and will last for years to come. This was truly an AMAZING service experience; I highly recommend Four Twelve Roofing!

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What are Your Shingle Roof Replacement Options?

When approaching contractors, you’ll typically be quoted for one of two shingle roof replacement options: 25 Year Shingles vs. 50 Year Shingles. At first, the allure of a lower price tag may attract you to the 25 Year Shingle option, but the reality is that this option is inferior in many areas. For instance, the 130 mph wind resistance rating of 50 Year Shingles greatly outstrips the 60 mph wind rating of 25 Year Shingles. Additionally, the way 50 Year Shingles are laminated on both sides and stacked two high provide homeowners with more durability and cost-effectiveness. For a price difference that’s typically within 5% of 25 year shingles, choosing 50 year shingles is a no brainer.

What’s the Deal With Underlayment?

Your prospective contractors may mention in passing the underlayment materials they’ll use in the shingle roof replacement process, typically either felt or synthetic. Felt paper is quickly becoming an antiquated option, and should be a red flag if it’s a prospective contractors material of choice.  Felt is easily torn and has poor durability when exposed to the elements. Synthetic underlayment, however, has fiberglass woven into its thread, making it tough to tear or pierce, and it guarantees a six-month exposure rating, meaning if the synthetic underlayment interacts with external elements it will be fare more durable than felt.

When’s the Right Time to Replace?

Of course, a common question is how do I know when it’s time to seek out contractors for my shingle roof replacement? This can be determined by a few different factors. The first and most obvious is that if your roof is leaking water to the inside of your home, a replacement is necessary. If loose shingles are frequently being knocked off your roof during storms, it’s a good time as well. Additionally, any physical damage such as dark patches (indicating where liquid has pooled beneath the shingles), and other structural issues are all reasonable signs it’s time for a replacement.

About Four Twelve Roofing

Four Twelve Roofing is a Baltimore-based roofing company that has been providing services to customers throughout Maryland for over 6 years. For us, quality is everything. We take pride in all that we do, whether it be laying a row of shingles or sweeping the driveway at the end of the workday. We make sure that with every project we do it right the first time and to honor our clients by creating meaningful relationships.

Hours and Location

We are located in the heart of Baltimore, Maryland. We’re just a few blocks away from the i83 ramp:


Office: (410) 989-7343

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