The first step our team at Four Twelve would take while at your property, would be to take accurate measurements of the windows you would like to install the shutters on. You will then work with one of our salesperson to determine the best size for your windows and select a color and style that you want.

image of basic Shutters for residential homes

Depending on your selection, we would then special order your shutters. After we receive the shutters, we then pick them up from the store, deliver them, and install as quickly and proficient as possible. You can choose from several different styles of shutters including plantation louvered, colonial raised panel, and Tudor board to match the architectural design and style of your home.

A shutter with a loose connection to the house can wiggle back and forth. This puts stress on the outside wood frame of the shutter. Weather conditions and poorly painted shutters can also contribute to the need to repair the frame. If your Shutters need to be repaired, this is something we can do as well. Reflashing, caulking, and sealing, are all things we are well acquainted with. Four Twelve is one of the best shutter installation companies in Baltimore. Let Four Twelve help you with your next shutter installation or repair project by Calling Us at (410) 989-7343 or visiting our location.

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