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As we have grown our company, we have identified many amazing institutions in Baltimore with which we were eager to partner with. One of the most wonderful we have found, is Montessori Public Charter School in Greenmount West.

Montessori wow’ed us from the moment we connected with them. We went to an informational about the school and were handed muffins baked in their kids kitchen while a mandolin troupe of students serenaded us into the building.

This school does amazing things, and we wanted to see if we could create something amazing alongside them.

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Throughout the month of May, Four Twelve played host to its first class of students. We worked with Montessori to select 8 talented 6th graders, who excelled in math, art and science, and teach them some things about homebuilding.

“The Builders of Tomorrow” career series was designed to show children that there are more careers available than they could ever imagine. Baltimore City is a particularly fertile environment for innovators and entrepreneurs – and opening your eyes to this dream, is the first step.

Over the course of the last month, we showed the kids all the things we love about our careers.

We took a walking tour of Greenmount West to learn about historical architecture. We visited the site of Four Twelve’s latest project, currently under construction. And we also taught them hard skills – learning how to operate saws, tape measurers and drills – in order to build a creation of their own.

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One of our personal dreams at Four Twelve, was to build a garden gate out of beautiful red cedar. Over the course of the past month, as we built the children’s skills with tools, we geared up for our capstone project, of making this garden gate come to life. We then let them tackle this project alongside us as equal partners. It was amazing what they were capable of.

Montessori has a large garden and a kitchen program as a part of the curriculum. Both are student favorites. Over the course of two days, we were able to put together a structure that ushers these students into this special place – and is something they can be proud of because they built it themselves.

They will also get the satisfaction of seeing something they built, last long after they are gone – a message Four Twelve and Montessori hoped to impart upon these kids through their involvement in the program.


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