Our 2021 Baltimore Roof Trust Winners


In 2019, Four Twelve was able to begin doing something that was very important to our core values; giving back to the community with our refined skills in roofing services. By creating the Baltimore Roof Trust, we have been successful in implementing a charity that provides a free roof for those in need. As we continue our work in the Baltimore Roof Trust for 2022, we look back at last year’s recipients and where the Baltimore Roof Trust is headed in the future.

About Four Twelve

For the past 9 years, Four Twelve has had the ongoing goal of positively impacting the lives of those to who we provide our services. Founded by Sam Frank and Shea Frederick, Four Twelve has quickly become the fastest-growing roofing company in Baltimore and is eager to continue providing expert roofing and exterior remodeling services to Baltimore and the surrounding areas.

The Mission of the Baltimore Roof Trust

The Baltimore Roof Trust was founded with a single goal in mind; to give back to the Baltimore community that Four Twelve is intrinsically connected to. We started by providing a single candidate with a free roof in 2019 and in 2021 we were able to provide two candidates with roof replacements who were in dire need. We strive to be able to grow this number as time goes on as it greatly impacts the lives of those we assist. 

2021 Recipients 

Vanessa S.

First, we have Vanessa S. Nominated by her neighbor, Vanessa has dedicated her time to raising three grandsons. On disability, she hasn’t been able to address the damage to her roof. We were inspired by the impact she has made in the lives of those around her and is privileged to be able to provide her with a new roof.

Milton E.

Next, meet Milton E. Nominated by his daughter, Milton is 95 and a veteran. However, that doesn’t stop him from being independent and caring for others. Water damage from the roof has found its way down through the kitchen and into the basement. Despite his insistence that he can do it himself, his daughter knows that everyone needs some help from time to time and we’re honored to provide that to someone like Milton who has given so much to those around him. 

Future of Baltimore Roof Trust

As the Baltimore Roof Trust continues to change lives, we always believe in the ability to do more. The monumental effect that a new roof can have on an individual has positive effects on their surrounding community. Through these efforts, we aim to benefit our shared community as a whole. The more roofs we can supply, the larger of an impact we can have. We hope our work inspires others to do the same. Together, we shape the future of our community. As we grow, we intend to continue growing the Baltimore Roof Trust as a staple of philanthropy within Baltimore. 

Please keep an eye on upcoming nominations for our 2022 Baltimore Roof Trust, which you can submit here.

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