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If you are a homeowner in Baltimore City, you likely have what we call a “Flat Roof Repair Baltimore.”

Flat Roofs are tricky, as they are, by definition, flat roof repair Baltimore. With little to no slope on a flat roof, it is hard to shed water, snow or debris, which means you need a Baltimore roofing contractor who is experienced when it comes to these types of installations, such as Four Twelve Roofing. Check What Others Are Saying About Our Services! 

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Modified Bitumen is the most common product used when it comes to Flat Roofs. Modified Bitumen goes by a couple of different names – rubber, torch down or tar. Tar is the old way of doing things. Typical old rowhomes will have a tin sheet metal cap, with many layers of tar roofing material on top of them. Newer Modified Bitumen roofs will be either rubber or torch down, which is Four Twelve’s preferred flat roofing in Baltimore product. It is cheap and typically has a lifespan of 20 years. It is usually laid in 2-3 layers, on top of the wooden roof deck, and your roofer will use a torch to heat up the glue or adhesive to get it to stick to your roof deck.


Silicone Coated roofs are typically applied on top of original modified bitumen roofs. Silicone coatings respond well to UV degradation and are water resistant. Typically we recommend doing a modified bitumen roof and then coming back 10-15 years after the installation to do a silicone coating. The UV protection will help in the summer months. UV rays are what degrades your roof most – not snow or tree branches – but rather the hot summer sun. Water resistance also means that when water ponds on your roofs surface, behind a skylight or a chimney, it will not find any seams to sneak through, as the silicone completely prevents this.


EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer and is basically the same material used to make bicycle tires. EPDM roofs are applied by mopping glue onto the roof deck and then laid flat, taping all seams and edges with a specialty tape. EPDM provides a cleaner look than modified bitumen, with less visible seams, but this material is easily punctured and thus, not as highly recommended as torch down.

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