Looking for a Framing Contractor in Baltimore?

framing contractor in baltimore

Whether You Are Building A New Property, Or Renovating An Existing One:
Here is what you need to know about performing a framing project
in Baltimore City or Baltimore County.

What is Framing?

Framing is the act of putting together a property with wood or metal stud construction. You are building the exoskeleton or structural body of the building. In Baltimore, we see both wood framing and metal framing construction techniques (see below for more info on this). Framing can be one of the largest costs of a project – as you are buying a whole lumber package of material and then paying roughly the same amount as that, for the laborers to assemble this lumber package. This lumber package typically consists of studs for the walls, joists for the ceilings and floors, as well as plywood for the exterior facing walls, floor decks and the roof. Having a quality house framing contractors for your project in Baltimore is crucial if you are aiming to build a quality construction project. Everything that comes subsequently, after the framing, will depend on the quality of framing. If the framing is not done to a high level – it has the ability to impact the drywall, carpentry and even appearance of paint, as walls need to be straight, plumb and level throughout the house for an optimal installation.

Wood Framing vs. Metal Framing

Typically residential framing projects in Baltimore take the form of wood frame construction. In fact, the majority of framing contractor projects in Baltimore are built with wood framing techniques. In Baltimore, often we only see metal stud framing projects in commercial and institutional build outs – larger scale projects. Wood framing is slightly more expensive, but also creates for more malleability of the product you are using. It is easier to shape, correct and make work for construction projects. Often, this is why it makes a better product for use, in renovation and restoration projects.

Framing Plan Designs

Often times, framing plans are designed by architects, draftsmen or General Contractors before the framing goes into construction. Framing plans dictate where walls should be going, how high ceilings should be, and the general layout of the house, before we hang drywall on the exoskeleton. Architects and draftsmen have options when it comes to designing a framing plan and we have seen lots of different ways to skin the cat in Baltimore. One popular technique that we see in Framing plans, is to use engineered lumber. Engineered lumber is specifically designed by your lumber supplier, to help meet other specifications of your home. Whether you want large cathedral ceilings (engineered truss package), you want a beam that supports heavy loads (LVLs and PSLs), or you want joists that allow for drilling to install HVAC systems within them (TJIs) – there are lots of solutions depending on your project specifications. It is always best when designing a framing plan to consult not only an architect but also a lumber company engineer, to determine what method is best for you, depending on how you plan to build your home.

Identifying a Framing Contractor

If you are looking to build a new home, a multifamily property or renovate a property in Baltimore City or Baltimore County, you may need a framing contractor or framing subcontractor in order to get your project completed. Four Twelve Roofing is a specialist in framing, working as a subcontractor for Generals or as a contractor, working directly with homeowners, property owners or multi family investors. Going directly to through Four Twelve for your framing needs will help you save money on the framing portion of your project, as you will avoid the overhead of a General Contractor. But also it will allow you to ensure your project is supervised and executed with a level of accuracy and professionalism. Four Twelve offers turnkey services – providing full framing lumber packages and labor for installation. We can plan, order and build your new or renovated home all in-house at our company.

Benefits of Hiring Four Twelve for Your Framing Project

With over 20 years of construction experience in Baltimore City and Baltimore County – the management team at Four Twelve knows how to deliver quality framing services for projects throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County. With experience working on difficult renovation projects, rehabbing rowhomes in Baltimore City – all the way to working on large scale additions and new construction framing projects in Baltimore County – Four Twelve has seen it all. As mentioned before, Four Twelve also has the capability to take the ordering of materials out of your hands, so that you can get a turnkey experience – hassle free, without spending additional money ordering incorrect materials or dealing with the lumber company yourself. And when the project is all said and done – in no time, we can put a roof on your building – as that will be the first thing you want to do as a homeowner or property owner after your framing project – make sure it is all dried in.

How To Hire Us

If you think you want us to take on your renovation, contact us today and we’d be happy to discuss. Once you reach out to us, we will schedule a time to visit your property and discuss it with you in person. If you have never been through a renovation before and are a first time renovator in Baltimore – not to worry – we have a proven process on how to best execute these jobs and we aim to serve you in the best way we know possible. From on site visits throughout the week, to open lines of communication by phone and email throughout the day – we try to simplify the process so that you can enjoy it while it is taking place. So – call us today or email us. We will be in touch shortly to schedule a time to visit your home and discuss your project. Anything is possible – so lets dream it up and build it together!

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