The Women of Four Twelve

Two Four Twelve employees in the office

The Women of Four Twelve:

The perception of construction businesses is often an image of an industry dominated by men. However, it takes an every-hand-on-deck mentality to keep a quality company running smoothly. The engine of Four Twelve would hardly run at all without the incredibly important roles the women of our company. Today, we’d like to profile two of the women without whom Four Twelve would not be nearly the company it is.

Let’s meet the women of Four Twelve…

Anyone who has contacted us for a roofing estimate or signed a contract with our company for a roof replacement has come in to contact with one or both of our two most valued employees, Vicky  Inzana and Cianna McEver. Young, humble, hardworking, and kind, both these ladies joined Four Twelve in entry level positions and have worked their way up the ranks to take on tremendous responsibility. They have helped us to grow from a ten person company to a company that employs nearly 25 employees every day and completed over 200 roofing projects in 2018 alone. 


Spotlight: Vicky

Women of Four Twelve: Office Administrator Vicky Inzana

Vicky is a Baltimore-native who was born, raised, and currently resides in Dundalk, MD. Vicky attended local Overlea High School. Despite being the youngest child, Vicky has always been the rock of her family. This role has allowed her to bring her skills of a born leader with extremely high emotional intelligence into the professional realm. Upon graduating high school, Vicky took a job with the Chris Cooke Team, one of Baltimore’s largest realtor companies. This job helped her acclimate to the world of business and construction. Over her six years at the Chris Cooke Team, Vicky excelled in troubleshooting IT problems, managing the realty company’s database of listings, and quickly became a confidant of all the professionals she worked with in the office space. She could be found entertaining lunch conversations in her cubicle when people were looking for a respite.

When Four Twelve started its business, we were in search of someone with strong office skills and problem solving abilities whose personality meshed well with the brand we were building. Vicky came highly referred, and after a 30-minute coffee interview, we hired her without reservation, making her the first hire of Four Twelve.

Since joining our company, Vicky has risen to become Four Twelve’s office manager. On a daily basis Vicky processes all of Four Twelve’s billing, and administrative requirements, while continuing to be a confidant for all of our employees – she is the glue that keeps our people together.

Vicky has helped us to optimize our business process in numerous ways, creating an improved customer experience for every who walks through the doors of Four Twelve Roofing.

She is also a dog and pet lover, so if you get her on the phone, animals are a good starting point for conversation!


Spotlight: Cianna

Cianna has lived all over the place throughout her life, but now she finds herself here in Baltimore with Four Twelve. She is an old soul in a young person’s body, with an unparalleled ability to communicate with customers. This is complimented by her consistently glass-is-half-full attitude. Cianna is the first person that greets all of our new customers, and throughout manages their customer service experience as our Coordinator of Production. 

Born and raised in Arizona with stints in Florida and Washington, DC, Cianna found her way into the construction world a few years ago. Four Twelve had partnered with the construction company that employed Cianna at the time, and had interactions with her throughout the project work. Her attitude and work ethic had such a positive impact on us that we asked her to come work for our company as one of our earliest hires.

Since joining Four Twelve, Cianna has taken on the responsibility of scheduling all of our estimates, as well as coordinating all of our construction projects. This amount of work is not a slight task. With ample future clients and active projects, Cianna stays busy but manages to handle it all in a calm and pleasant fashion. And on top of her ability to do it all with a smile, Cianna’s effectiveness and efficiency for doing her job has proven unparalleled. She rarely misses a beat and has been an invaluable piece of the Four Twelve equation since joining the company.

If you ever end of on the phone with Cianna and want a starting point for conversation, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Pokemon go are all fair game!

Four Twelve would not be the company it is today if not for the women of Four Twelve that keep the business humming, day in and day out. Vicky and Cianna are the definition of driven, impactful employees who help define how an upstart business like Four Twelve is able to grow so rapidly. We don’t know where we’d be without them. Here’s to the women of Four Twelve!

If you’re in need of a roof replacement, let Vicky and Cianna help you out with all the information you need about scheduling an estimate. Contact us today.


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