Four Twelve Case Study: Everlast Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation


In May of 2019, Four Twelve was hired to perform a roof replacement for a new client. He was in need of a custom standing seam metal roof installed on a home. Four Twelve worked with the client to build a unique roof for their home that gave them everything they were hoping for their Roofing Columbia MD service. For this roof installation, Four Twelve decided to use Everlast metals as the manufacturer, given their long-lasting roofing products and the overall quality that our client desired. The end result would be a durable Everlast standing seam metal roof.

Four Twelve roofers install a standing seam metal roof.
Four Twelve employees hard at work installing a new standing seam metal roof.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Challenges

In order to complete this project, Four Twelve undertook an extensive planning process — getting the exact measurements, speccing out the specific type of standing seam system, and working with the manufacturer to ensure all the details were correct before the ordering process. Standing seam metal roofs require a heightened level of detail that is crucial for a successful project. The panels must be cut and ordered to specific lengths, fasteners for joining the panels must be custom as well. With all these delicate moving parts, having talented technicians onsite to execute the installation is also a vital piece to the puzzle.

A standing seam metal roof with different length panels
Each piece of a standing seam metal roof is unique and must be custom cut and ordered.
Standing seam metal roof from above.
Standing seam metal roofs require attention to detail to ensure each piece aligns with the others.

One detail that is important when installing standing seam metal roofs is to use an underlayment that sufficiently protects your home. Specifically, for these types of projects, Four Twelve recommends using Ice and Water Shield to cover the roof sheeting. In the event of water intrusion, this underlayment system sufficiently protects our client’s homes and is a product that we can stand behind. Having this additional layer of protection helps ensure that your new Everlast standing seam metal roof has durability and longevity. 

Exterior of home showing new standing seam metal roof.
A new, shiny standing seam metal roof!

Four Twelve Creates Solutions

This project took place in Baltimore County, where Four Twelve has a strong client base. However, more and more we’re seeing a need for standing seam metal roofs across Baltimore City, Columbia, and all over central Maryland. Four Twelve is excited to meet the unique challenges these roofs provide with quality contracting to ensure every piece fits precisely right and is built to last. Everlast metals help us meet our dedication to delivering a fantastic end product to you, and we look forward to continuing expanding our project list of standing seam metal roofs all across Baltimore, Columbia, and the surrounding areas.

If you have a metal roofing project and want quality contractors to complete your project, let us build your next metal roof. Contact us today for a consultation, or even just a friendly chat with any questions you may have. 



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