How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost in Maryland?

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At some point during your tenure as a homeowner, it will happen. A leak will be noticed in the attic, you’ll spot shingles peeling off, or notice water pooling on part of your roof. Time and nature work their hardest against your roof to wear it down over time. When this happens, a full roof replacement may be your only option. You probably have heard that roof replacements in Maryland are expensive. When you speak to some contractors, it may feel like pulling teeth to get accurate pricing upfront. So, here’s what you should know about a roof replacement cost in Maryland.

Cut to the Chase: What’s the Cost?

Like any remodeling project, the cost varies project by project, quite substantially at times. Generally in MD, a roof replacement can range from $5,000 to $30,000+. There are tons of variables that can change this which we’ll discuss in a moment. As we’re all aware, Maryland isn’t the cheapest state to live in, and services are accordingly priced based on the region. According to a 2020 cost vs. value report by, an expected price for the replacement of a typical Baltimore 25-year shingle roof is $24,700. To truly understand this price tag, we need to explore what factors go into estimating a roof replacement cost in Maryland. 

What Goes Into the Price?

When calculating the cost, there are variables to be considered that will affect the price. Some you may have options to lower costs, while others will remain the same regardless. Let’s take a look at them.

The Size of Your Roof

A key factor, and one clearly out of your control, is the size of your roof. Most roofs are priced by their square footage. The larger the roof, the more you’ll have to pay to replace it. Larger roofs also cause other prices to rise accordingly, such as labor costs.


One area where you may have some leeway to lower costs is in the material selection. Whether you have a shingle roof, flat roof, or any of the other roofing types, your contractor most likely offers a selection of materials that range in price. What’s for you to consider is if you’re willing to pay less for products that may not last as long.


Four Twelve laborer looking over damaged flat roof

For any remodeling project, labor is a cost you’ll have to account for. However, by working with an effective and efficient roofing contractor that’s capable of completing projects in a reasonable amount of time, you should be able to maximize your labor budget. 


A steeper roof can make it more difficult to maneuver across the roof, which can slow down the labor process. It also may require extra equipment to be utilized to successfully complete the project. Steeper roofs are also more dangerous for roofers, so contractors may charge more to cover potential insurance costs. 

Unforeseen Damage

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In certain circumstances, you can end up paying more than the quoted price. This typically happens when your old roof is removed, and additional damage is discovered beneath the surface layer of your roof. Damaged plywood, the water damage that spreads to the attic, and more issues can arise, necessitating more work. Unforeseen damage can quickly affect your roof replacement cost in Maryland. 

Extra Features on the Roof

Does your roof feature skylights? A chimney? Additional features on the roof like these may require extra work and materials to replace damaged flashing and properly seal the roof during the replacement process. Alternatively, they may need to be replaced entirely if they can not successfully be mended during the roof replacement. 

Ventilation Replacements

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Your roof is home to a lot of your home’s ventilation systems. Roof vents can become damaged just like other aspects of your roof, and oftentimes during the roofing process, they’ll need to be replaced. Additionally, some building codes require that old ventilation systems be replaced. 

Gutter Replacement

Oftentimes, damaged gutters can be the culprit that leads to roof damage over time. Many homeowners will opt to replace their gutter systems at the same time to help save on additional labor costs that may arise from a standalone gutter replacement in the future. 

Waste Removal

When your old roof is torn up, the materials have to be disposed of. Dumpsters have to be brought on-site and time has to be dedicated to disposing of the materials from your old roof. 

These are just some of the elements that go into the process of a full MD roof replacement. By working with a qualified contractor, you’ll be able to have each piece of the estimate broken down to you. Even better, you can choose a contractor like Four Twelve Roofing. We offer free estimates to all of our clients. Don’t pay simply to have your roof replacement cost in Maryland broken down for you. As the fastest growing roofing company in the country, we understand clients’ need for qualified, professional roofing services. Contact the team at Four Twelve Roofing to get started today, 

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