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When you call on Four Twelve Roofing for help, we will provide you with a free consultation. And such service includes in-depth inspection and same day estimates. Rest assured that the price we give will not only meet your style but also your budget.


One of the key components that keep us apart from others in terms of customer service is the consistent and open communication we always observe with customers like you. From the first contact up to the actual construction, our experts and representatives are always be around to assist you and answer your queries. With Four Twelve Roofing, your in good hands.  


The knowledge and expertise of our personnel are highly praised by customers like you. In every project we undertake, we always see to it that the expertise and wide range of knowledge our roofers have will benefit you best.


To ensure high-quality service and best output, our on-site project management is always at its optimum level. Thus, allowing a clean, successful, and safe roofing project.


In terms of the warranty, we offer one of the best in the roofing industry. Material Warranties Up to 50 Years. 10 Year Workmanship Warranties. We also follow local building codes and regulations to assure best quality service.


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We are known in Columbia, MD for our wide array of roofing services and other property exterior specializations. And some of our highly recommended services for homes and businesses are:


Welcome To Our Journey Towards Success

Four Twelve has been creating something of great value here in Columbia, and we have been doing this for over the past 6 years. Our conquest for greatness began when we have purchased a single vacant residential property and now we are deeply engrossed with the community, as we continue to bring best property improvement services to people like you. As a local construction company that specializes in both restoration and roofing services, we are always delighted to be part of quality construction projects that contributes to the development of the city of Columbia. Know More About Us.

We have been accustomed to searching for new and exciting construction projects that will help in creating a positive impact on the community. We are able to actualize such a goal for our management team has over two decades of combined construction experience and project management expertise.

Four Twelve targets the building of quality residential properties, while managing our reputation that is known for honesty and integrity. We are creating something that of significant value here in our beloved Columbia, and we invite all of you our valued customers who recognize our work as part of positive community building and restoration. Check What Others Are Saying About Our Services.



Mission Statement

Here at Four Twelve Roofing, the quality of our output will always mean a lot to us. We take great pride in everything that we do, great or small task alike. Whether it involves laying a row of shingles or simply removing dirt and debris on your driveway after a workday. To provide customers like you unrivaled service, we always see to it that our roofers, installers, artisans, and project managers do it right at first try. This helps in fulfilling our goal of creating a lasting relationship with you that lasts a lifetime.

As property owners ourselves, we have been in your shoes and experienced disappointments from homebuilders. That is why we desire the best quality services including those coming from roofing companies here in Columbia. Hence, we strive to provide something better for our family, friends, and to you our valued customers here in Columbia. And that is how our dependable company, Four Twelve, came to be. Allow to show you how it is to work with a professional roofer and property improvement specialist, we are here to serve you best!

Being one of the principal cities of the Baltimore Metropolitan area, Columbia offers a wide array of services, leisure, and fun. Among the establishments found in the city are residential complexes, commercial buildings,  and other public and private institutions. And we are located conveniently amongst:

Information About Columbia, Maryland

As one of the principal cities of the Baltimore Metropolitan area, Columbia, MD was designed by a pioneering real-estate developer James Rouse. The main design of the city is aimed towards maximizing the interaction between its residents. For that matter, the community of Columbia was carefully planned to include a complex of scattered villages and a town center, which likewise include churches, schools, shopping centers, recreational facilities, industrial, and business parks. With the development of the city as a people-centered community, the necessity of a reliable roofing service has also been considered. For that matter, reputable and accredited thrived in the city, providing the best roofing service there is in Columbia, Maryland.