If you are a homeowner in Baltimore City, you most likely have what we call a “Flat Roof Repair Baltimore.”

Flat Roofs are tricky, as they are, by definition, flat. With little to no slope on a flat roof, it is hard to shed water, snow or debris, which means you need a roofing contractor who is experienced when it comes to these types of installations. Four Twelve specializes in Flat Roof installations and has become one of the leading companies in the Baltimore Metro Area for Residential Flat Roof Projects. We offer Modified Bitumen, TPO, EPDM and Asphalt Granule Flat Roof products, complete with all the necessary accessories to give you a Best In Class Roof System that will last a lifetime. At Four Twelve we only install the best, so there is no question whether you are getting quality.

Modified Bitumen is the most common product used when it comes to Flat Roofs. Modified Bitumen goes by a couple of different names – rubber, torch down or tar. Tar is the old way of doing things. Typical old rowhomes will have a tin sheet metal cap,

Flat Roofs

with many layers of tar roofing material on top of them. Newer Modified Bitumen roofs will be either rubber or torch down, which is Four Twelve’s preferred flat roofing product.

With many different color and stylistic options, homeowners have options when choosing their flat roof material. Our sales staff will walk you through our product offerings to show you what is available, we will get you scheduled and have your install completed within 5 days from the morning we begin your job. We sweep up our construction sites at the end of every work day and provide on site project management to ensure quality at all times. At the end of each job, we will do a final walkthrough to inspect the work and ensure our clients are 100% satisfied.

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