image of wooden post with support


Who likes noisy gas guzzling generators? Not us!

One of the first things we do when working on a rehab or new construction is to get power on the site. This means setting up temporary service to the location, and if you have a house on that location then that typically means you can just have a line run to the house after you put in a new electrical panel. In the case of our latest development “1600 Barclay” which is new construction, there is nothing to attach the power lines to, much less the breaker panel.

Let me introduce you to the temporary service pole!
It’s comprised of a 6×6 timber buried 4′ into the ground with two braces that are 10′ long with steaks supporting them 36″ into the ground. The panel is a simple 100amp panel supplying two exterior GFCI outlets. The whole thing is also grounded by two separate ground rods, one at the base of the post and another 8′ away.

Not terribly exciting stuff, but it’s just another step in the process of building homes! Enjoy.


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