image of bottle company from a bottle we found while removing topsoil


Today we had the topsoil removed from the footprint of our town homes, this is a necessary first step in putting down a foundation on any site, as the topsoil does not have enough compaction strength to hold up the buildings without shifting. Topsoil also contains organic material that has not broken down yet, which if sealed underneath a foundation can break down into “dirt” and compact.

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With any earth moving, treasures are revealed. This is my favorite part, and I just love poking around while the excavator moves dirt to see what I can find.

This day I found quite a nice bottle from J. F. Wiessner & Sons, and after a bit of googling I have found this bottle to be made in the range of 1897-1919.

This brewery built the “American Brewery” building on Gay street in Baltimore, which has been restored and is now used as the headquarters for a construction workforce training and architectural salvage business called Humanim and Brick & Board.

Soon we’ll be pouring footers for the foundations and houses will start to rise out of the ground.

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