a flat roof restoration


We started this company because we enjoy problem solving. We particularly enjoy when we can solve problems by lacing up our boots and persevering through a bit of sweat and dirt. Today we are writing about a success story, in which we were able to use our company to solve problems occurring right in our own backyard.

On June 5th, we received a call from Jubilee Baltimore. Jubilee and Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) had identified a local resident whose home was in critical condition. The roof was caving in and broken beams were popping through the ceiling. As a part of their “Legacy Resident Renovation Program”, Jubilee and NHS were prepared to finance the renovation and had begun looking for a contractor.

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Four Twelve was asked to bid on the project and after a competitive bidding process, we were awarded the contract. Working alongside the President of our local community association, we were able to identify 4 young men who were looking for work and hired them to help us on this project.

We began on June 26th and 24 days later completed construction. Over the course of the project, we were able to create 309 hours of labor for locally hired tradesmen, including 249 hours of labor for African-American men between the ages of 18-30, all of whom reside in Greenmount West.

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Timing to execute this project:
-Initial phone call —> Date of starting construction: 20 days
-Start of construction —> Stabilization of roof: 12 days
-Total days to complete renovation: 24 days

With the help of Jubilee, NHS and our community association, this project happened quickly. We view this as an example of what is possible, within Central Baltimore and throughout Baltimore City. Identify local resources, connect the dots and get to work.

Takeaways from this project:
As Baltimore’s neighborhoods continue to see investment, there is a real opportunity for developers and contractors to positively impact their communities. People are always searching for solutions to create systemic change. Construction and development could be that platform.

You don’t need a college education to work in construction and if you learn skills in construction, you can earn a living wage. There is also a real need for renovations in low-income communities.

It was a special experience to tackle our first legacy resident renovation – and we hope in collaboration with other community partners in Central Baltimore and Greater Baltimore City that we can build on these early successes to tackle more projects like this in the future.


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